Miss Piggy’s High Calorie Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Written by Kerri Ponder on October 21st, 2014

If breakfast is presumed to be the most important meal of the day, why on earth would you want to fill up on empty calories? Most Americans today struggle between the need for quick convenient meals and the desire to eat healthy, feeling as if they cannot have the best of both words. While on your search for the healthiest breakfast foods, here are some that you (and Miss Piggy) may want to avoid.


Avoid Sweet High Calorie Breakfast Foods


A good breakfast includes the following key ingredients: healthy protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Choose a breakfast that doesn’t maximize your sugar levels so your body will be satisfied with the meal. Not only will your body be missing out on important nutrients but when the sugar supply begins to fall, you’re going to feel tired and sluggish. There are numerous high calorie, high fat and sugary sweet breakfast foods available on the market today, but you would be wise to avoid them. Filled with empty calories and a short term feel-good effect, the following foods should be stricken from your diet for optimal health and weight control.



The sugar-starch combination of doughnuts can be hard on your body, raising blood sugar levels and often sabotages your diet with binge eating and sugar crashes. The high levels of fat in doughnuts will lead to drowsiness, robbing you of energy and slowing your metabolism. Finally, while no one considers donuts healthy, you may not realize exactly how many calories and how much fat are in just one. For example, an apple fritter has approximately 450 calories and 17 grams of fat, most of which is saturated.   Try having a breakfast that includes protein, such as some granola and Greek yogurt. The energy and staying power you will get from eating a breakfast that has protein in it will make you wish you realized this sooner.


Breakfast Cereal for Children

Breakfast cereal may seem like a healthy option but those marketed for children are often loaded with carbohydrates and sugar. These sugary sweet cereals lead to an elevated blood sugar that will quickly bottom out, leaving you feeling tired and probably ready for a nap. A nap at the beginning of your day will sabotage your work schedule and to do list, so it is better to avoid children’s cereal brands. Instead, opt for those cereals that offer high fiber, high protein and low sugar options for your first meal of the day. Increase your cereal’s nutrition levels by adding ground flaxseed, bananas, strawberries, blueberries or walnuts for more protein, fiber and other health benefits.



Store Bought Frozen Pancakes and Artificial Maple Syrup

Natural maple syrup is considered to be a healthy sweetener, but there are other artificial types of maple syrup available on the market today that are made with staggering amounts of high fructose corn syrup. This unhealthy sweetener, derived from corn kernels, can also be found in most packaged and processed foods. High fructose corn syrup can also cause abdominal obesity and promote the presence of visceral fat, stored between the organs and often leading to cancer. The consumption of high fructose corn syrup has also been linked to diabetes.


Sugary Sweet and Light Yogurts

Sure, everyone is thoroughly convinced by now that yogurt is healthy. Many yogurt brands only contain about one hundred calories per serving and come in a variety of tempting flavors. You can find such goodies as Boston Creme Pie and Red Velvet or Strawberry Cheesecake, but the fact remains that there are filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners, not to mention chemicals. Instead of reaching for regular or low fat yogurt, choose the yogurts with labels marked non-fat instead.




Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches

There are numerous healthy options regarding breakfast sandwiches, but most fast food options are packed with sodium, preservatives and chemicals. Your best bet is to build your own breakfast sandwich by microwaving one egg, beaten, and toasting a whole grain English muffin. For additional protein, add a slice of cheese.


Whole Milk

Whole milk is very, very naughty with saturated fats, the bad kind that raises your bad cholesterol levels. Whole milk also promotes inflammation in your body and is believed to play a part in the clogging of arteries. For a healthier heart and slimmer, more attractive waistline, switch to skim or 1% low-fat milk or consider switching to soy or almond milk. Both the skim and low-fat milk choices will provide such nutrients as protein, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium without all the bad.


Plain Bagels with Cream Cheese

Stay away from those starchy white and flavored bagels such as onion, garlic, poppy seed varieties! These bagels are all made with refined wheat flour, stripped of all the fiber and nutrients it once offered the body. There are no health benefits to these ridiculously dense and high calorie bagels. Did you know the average bagel is the caloric equivalent of as many as five slices of unhealthy white bread? When you absolutely must have a bagel, choose a whole wheat or oat bran bagel and discard some of the filling. Top with light cream cheese or a healthy nut-butter.

 Over-sized Muffins

Muffins are on the top the list as one of the most high-calorie breakfast treats because they are extremely rich and dense, packed with lots of goodies that you generally do not need. These ingredients can include white flour, butter, oil, and sugars. Additionally, some muffins contain candies and chocolate pieces rather than fruit. If you must feed your muffin addiction, purchase small two ounce muffins which are considered one serving.


Miss Piggy’s List of Must See Classic Movies

Written by Kerri Ponder on September 9th, 2014

Classic movies are as American as apple pie, but which ones are the best? In color or black and white, here is our complete list of the top five must see classic movies of all time. If there’s one you haven’t seen, you may be in for a treat!


Classic Movies You Don’t Want to Miss

From the 1940′s through the 1970′s, Hollywood created numerous classics to keep America entertained and in love with the silver screen. While you may have seen a few of these beloved classics, have you seen them all? The next time you’re in the mood for movie night with your muppet, visit the video store to snag one or more of the titles listed below.


Gone With the Wind



Popular opinion suggests that Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind is one of the best movies of all time, then and now. Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable are the fire and ice co-stars who keep the fireworks going throughout this epic Southern Belle’s saga as Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler. Gone with the Wind claimed eight regular Oscars as well as two special Oscars, the first film to ever receive such recognition.


Gone with the Wind has been released in US theaters eight time, making an estimated $400 million. Adjusted for the changing value of money, this amount equals approximately $3 to $5 billion dollars, making this the highest grossing film in history. This movie is also the most watched film of all time, which means this classic has sold more tickets than any other.


The Sound of Music



This 1965 movie classic, The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer won the hearts of many, playing the characters of Maria von Trapp and Captain Georg von Trapp. Based on the true story of a rather straight-laced man, his multi-talented singing governess and seven children of different ages, this is considered to be the second most popular movie of all time, second to none other than Gone with the Wind.
There are plenty of songs in this musical classic, most of the lyrics written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Based on the book, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, the story was written by a writing team which included Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, while the screenplay was written by Ernest Lehman. The Sound of Music was awarded five Academy Awards, which included Best Picture. This movie classic eventually surpassed Gone with the Wind as the highest grossing film ever made.


The Wizard of Oz



This musical fantasy, The Wizard of Oz, is a delight to both young and old alike, featuring a cast of lovable characters that successfully entertain and inspire any audience. The star of this classic is a young and beautiful Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale who lives on a farm in Kansas with her relatives. A tornado takes Dorothy to a faraway land where she meets some very interesting “people”.


Produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, this movie classic has withstood the test of time and is as well-known today as when it was first released in January of 1939. Based on L. Frank Baum’s novel written in 1900 titled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this movie classic was nominated for Best Picture but lost to Gone with the Wind. The movie did, however, win Best Song with Judy Garland’s ‘Over the Rainbow‘, and is considered the most viewed motion picture on television today.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s



An American comedy filled with romance, Breakfast at Tiffany’s was released in 1961 starring the lovely Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Loosely based on Truman Capote’s novel which bears the same name, Paramount Pictures released this classic tale of Holly Golightly, society girl. This part is believed to be Audrey Hepburn’s most memorable accomplishment and most challenging role.
The classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s was well-received, nominated for five Academy Awards and Hepburn was given an award for Best Actress. In addition, a song featured in the movie called ‘Moon River’ won two awards, Best Original Score and Best Original Song, and is considered one of the top five songs produced by Hollywood. Fans will appreciate this fun story line about a naive, high society girl who has a lot to learn about life… and love!





This Warner Bros masterpiece is an American movie classic, Casablanca, starring the one and only Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, that everyone should see. This romantic drama takes place in unoccupied Africa during the start of World War II, following an American expatriate and his former lover. Premiering on November 26, 1942, in New York City, Bogart’s first romantic leading role was a roaring success.
Producers and directors were surprised when their Casablanca was rewarded with three Academy Awards including one for Best Picture. Since then, this film is considered one of the greatest films of all time and Bogart’s most successful role. Casablanca has also become the source of many frequently used movie quotes such as “Here’s looking at you, kid” and “When it comes to women, you’re a true democrat.”


Aside from this short list of five, there are many other classic movies which deserve special recognition. Please comment below if you love any of these or have more titles to add to our list of all time best classic movies of all time.


Pig Smarts… Why isn’t This an Expression?

Written by Kerri Ponder on August 31st, 2014

If you’re like most of us, then you have probably heard the story of The Three Little Pigs and know how the third little pig continually outsmarted The Big Bad Wolf, even when his two brothers couldn’t. Perhaps this story even made you question just how smart a pig really is. Or not, maybe you simply blew it off as a children’s story without ever thinking twice. So, just how intelligent are pigs?


Do You Have Pig Smarts?


The truth is that pigs actually are quite intelligent. As far as intelligence goes, pigs are in the same category as dolphins, apes, dogs and 3-year-olds. We all know that they are smart enough to find a trash can if it is left out where they are roaming and, of course, they certainly know their way around a slop bucket. That just makes them hungry, not necessarily smart. Although a good deal of their intelligence seems to be centered on food and the obtaining thereof.
The people who study animal intelligence are now telling us that the extent of a pig’s intellect is actually much more extensive than just foraging for food or learning to do a trick. Did you know that they can quickly figure out how to use mirrors for scoping their surroundings in order to find their food?
While there is still some doubt as to whether or not they recognize that the reflection they see as themselves – they can in fact use a mirror. As though they would be spending the time in front of a mirror to inspect their hairy chinny chin chins anyway. Why would they do that when mirrors could be used to find a much better sight, such as food?
Pigs are also great at remembering where the food is stored at, as well as the size of different stores. They will follow another pig if the pig acts as though it knows where to find good food. In addition to this, the second pig will try to trick the one following it so that it won’t have to share the food. How does that sound for intelligence?

Pigs have found several ways to show just how smart they are. For instance, they are great at learning tricks. Someone with enough pigs and the time to train them could effectively run their own circus with only pig performers. This is why so many people compare them to dogs.
Unlike dogs, however, they are like an elephant when it comes to forgetting something. Lessons learned are practically impossible for a pig to forget.
So, maybe the next time you are debating what sort of pet you might like to have, you will consider a pig. Much like your average household dog, a pig is sure to entertain and learn any tricks you choose to teach him.
Just beware that you don’t teach him something that you will wish you hadn’t, because chances are that they will never forget it no matter how much you may want him to.

Oh, and now you have a new expression… instead of saying  someone is as smart as a whip, fox or tack, remember that pigs are smarter than all of these!

Bacon Lovers Trail Mix Recipes!

Written by Kerri Ponder on August 31st, 2014

What’s up with these crazy holidays? Can’t say I don’t like them… most of these so-called nationally recognized holidays are entertaining and fun! For example, guess what today is? National Trail Mix Day! But guess whow those of us who love pigs will celebrate this day? By adding bacon to the mix, of course.


Celebrate Bacon Trail Mix Day with Us!


Bacon Trail Mix! Doesn’t that sound great? To properly celebrate this holiday, here are some yummy trail mix ideas using our favorite food ever – BACON! Proceed with caution… these recipes and pictures will make you hungry!
Best of all, trail mix is a great source of protein, which the body needs for energy, but the added bacon boosts the protein level even more! Normally, bacon by itself is a yummy treat but with the following five snack mix ideas, you will definitely please the people in your life.
To make any of these yummy bacon trail mixes, you will need to fry some bacon until crisp. Put the crisp bacon on a paper towel to drain. Crumble bacon when cool and store in an airtight container until used for any of these pig-errific recipes!


Five Bacon Trail Mix Ideas

1. Cheez-Its and Bacon Trail Mix – You will need a box of cheese crackers (Cheez-Its are my favorite), 1/2 cup of crumbled bacon, and honey roasted peanuts. Some additional ideas to include in this bacon trail mix is cashews and pretzel sticks.



2. Toffee and Bacon Trail Mix - Oh, don’t you just love the taste of toffee? Bet you probably haven’t eaten it with bacon though. This trail mix combines bits of toffee with crumbled bacon and pretzels – I like the sticks best but square pretzels are great too!



3. Munchie Crunchie Bacon Trail Mix-  This one adds a bit of spicy flavor to your bacon trail mix but there is a little more prep work involved. You will need to place the following dry goodies for this bacon trail mix idea in a roasting pan: 3 cups of Crispix breakfast cereal, 5 cups of Tostitos round tortilla chips (white or yellow), 1 bag of microwaved popcorn, popped (I prefer Kettle Corn!), 1 ½ cups of pretzel sticks or squares, 1 cup of Craisins, and 1 cup of pecan halves or mixed party nuts. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.
For the seasoning, you will need to place the following ingredients in a small saucepan: ½ cup of real butter, ½ cup of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of chile powder, 1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper and ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Bring to a boil and remove from heat.
Pour the saucepan mixture over the dry ingredients and mix well. Bake for one hour in the oven, stirring at regular intervals. Pour the delicious bacon trail mix onto wax paper while it is still hot. Allow the mix to cool before storing in airtight bags.



4. S’more Bacon Trail Mix –  Now, this one is probably going to be your favorite if you love chocolate and big fluffy marshmallows. Incidentally, yesterday was National Toasted Marshmallow Day – how cool is that? You can celebrate both bacon and marshmallow days with this recipe!
Grab a big mixing bowl and add one cup of Golden Grahams cereal, one cup of honey flavor Teddy Grahams, 1/2 cup of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Chips, 1/2 cup of Milk Chocolate M&M’s, one cup of mini marshmallows, one cup of dehydrated mini marshmallow bites (comes in a cylindrical container near the store’s supply of hot cocoa) and 1/2 cup of bacon pieces (Was that angels singing?).  Stir well and dig in.

5. Kentucky Bourbon Bacon Trail Mix- Now, this trail mix may not be the healthiest snack ever, but hey – we are choosing foods that complement the delightful taste of bacon. Here are the ingredients you will need: one 15 ounce bag of traditional Chex Mix, one cup of pecan halves, 1/2 pound of crumbled bacon or 6 to 8 slices, 1/2 cup of packed brown sugar, 1/2 cup of real butter, 1/4 cup of light corn syrup, 2 tablespoons of Kentucky bourbon (Jim Beam!) and 3/4 teaspoon Chipotle chili powder.
Heat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and line two baking sheets with foil. Spray the foil-lined sheets with cooking spray. In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients (Chex mix, pecans and bacon) and set aside. In a saucepan, heat butter, brown sugar and corn syrup until bubbling around the edges.
Continue to cook for five minutes, stirring occasionally, and then remove from heat. Allow the saucepan mixture to cool for two minutes before carefully adding the bourbon and Chipotle powder. Pour this mixture over the dry snack mixture, and toss until evenly coated.
Spread the snack mix across the two pans and bake for fifteen minutes, stirring every 5 minutes, until the mixture is caramelized. Allow to cool completely, which should take approximately one hour. Break into pieces and store in refrigerator, inside an airtight container to seal in freshness.


Try these awesome recipes as they are or adapt them to suit your own personal tastes. Leave a comment if you loved them!

10 Insane (But True) Facts About Pigs

Written by Kerri Ponder on August 27th, 2014

No matter which feature you love best, those plump little bodies or little pink snots, pigs are truly adorable… and even irresistible to some. We all know that pigs are unique and intelligent animals, but did you know these 10 insane (but true) facts about pigs?

10 Insane (But True) Facts About Pigs


 (And… ten insanely adorable piggy pictures that you will love!)

1. Pigs are great communicators: over 20 vocalizations that they use to communicate with each other have been identified. No matter what the situation, pigs have a specific squeal, oink or grunt that has a distinct meaning.

2. Pigs are very social creatures who are constantly playing, exploring and interacting with each other. They love contact and form close bonds with one another and individuals. They also love to sleep nose-to-nose and snuggle close to one another.

3. Like humans, pigs dream while sleeping. They also love many of the same activities that humans do, such as: listening to music, getting massages, sunbathing, playing, exploring and playing with soccer balls.


4. Cambridge University Veterinary School, Professor Donald Boom states that, “[Pigs] have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated. Even more so than dogs and certainly [more so than human] 3-year-olds.”
State Penn University Professor Stanley Curtis has discovered that pigs are capable of abstract representation and can play video games, which are controlled by a joystick.

5. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are actually very clean animals. They keep their bathroom area as far away as possible from where they eat and sleep at. Within hours of birth, a new born piglet will leave its mother’s nest to go to the bathroom.
Since pigs are unable to sweat, they often bathe in mud or water in order to stay cool with a preference for water. One woman even created a shower in the barn for her pigs, which they learned how to operate on their own.


6. While nursing, mother pigs will “sing” to their piglets. Newborn piglets learn to identify their mother’s voice and run to her when called, they can also learn to recognize their own names.

7. A full-grown pig can run up to 11 mph. They have also been known to find their way home over long distances and have an amazing sense of direction.


8. A pig’s snout is extremely flexible and strong due to the round disk of cartilage in the tip and they have an excellent sense of smell.

9. Pigs rarely show aggression and are generally very peaceful, aside from when a mother and her young is threatened or provoked.
Johannesburg Zoo director and biologist, Lyall Watson, states in his book (The Whole Hog) that, “I know of no other animals [who] are more consistently curious, more willing to explore new experiences, more ready to meet the world with open mouthed enthusiasm. Pigs, I have discovered, are incurable optimists and get a big kick out of just being.”


10. Pigs do not actually ‘pig out’, they are very slow eaters and prefer to savor their food.

These 10 crazy, but true, facts about pigs are sure to give you a new appreciation for these unique and amazing barnyard animals. If you already knew this information, I bet you enjoyed the pictures! I’m willing to bet you said ‘aww’ at least once.

Top Five Fabulously Famous Pigs

Written by Kerri Ponder on August 23rd, 2014

Everyone loves pigs! Even if they don’t want to own one, they still like them. This is why pigs have made it big on the silver screen. Some pigs have even became celebrities unto themselves. Here is a list of five of the most famous pigs in history.

Five Fabulous and Famous Pigs

1. Porky Pig

Created in 1936 by Warner Bros., this little piggy has ruled the silver screen for more than 70 years. Originally one of the foremost characters in their Looney Tunes series, after the introduction of other characters such as Daffy duck and Bugs Bunny, Porky became more of a sidekick and icon with his lovable stammer and his “Ble, ble, ble, That’s All Folks!”
2. Piglet
First appearing in Winnie-the-Pooh books by A.A. Milne in 1936, and inspired by one of Christopher Robin Milne’s stuffed toys, Piglet is Winnie the Pooh’s very best friend. Even though he is a “very small animal” with a somewhat timid disposition, he often wins the hearts of many with his occasional attempts at being brave and conquering his fears.
3. Arnold Ziffel
First appearing in the show ‘Green Acres’ on CBS in 1965, Arnold Ziffel was an American Yorkshire pig who acted as the son of Doris and Fred Ziffel. The humorous show depicted Arnold as being able to do virtually anything. He could change the TV channels, write, play piano, attend school and much more.
Throughout the series he became a “Porky Picasso” whose suggestive painting was banned, worked as a “paper pig” delivering papers, fell in love with a dog, drafted in to the Army and much more. 
4. Miss Piggy
Created by Bonnie Erickson and Frank Oz, Miss Piggy first appeared on Herb Alpert and the TJB in 1974. While she was originally created as a minor character, Miss Piggy’s capricious nature eventually developed her into one of the main characters of the show.
Believing that she is destined for stardom, this diva often tries to convey sweet feminine charm, but usually will fly into an unexpected rage with her trademark karate chop (often at her overly reserved boyfriend, Kermit the Frog).
Miss Piggy was one of the first, and possibly the only pig character to ever have developed into a tried and true celebrity in her own rite.

5. Babe
Created as the star character in the book ‘The Sheep Pig’ by Dick King-Smith in 1983, Babe became an international star when the book was adapted and released as the box-office-hit: ‘Babe: The Gallant Pig’.
Featuring an amazing cast of quirky farm animals for friends, Babe goes on a series of misadventures. When he is almost chosen for Christmas dinner, he sets out to show that he is useful and deserves to live by showing the farmer (Authur) that he is a sheep herding pig. Babe’s adventures, determination and gallant actions earned him a place in the hearts of many.

This list of five of the most famous pigs who have made the “Pig Hall of Fame” successfully remind us, yet again, why pigs are one of the most amazing and best-loved creatures in history!
Who is your favorite of these most famous pigs? Do you have a favorite that didn’t make out list? Let us know!

DIY Pig-tastic Bacon Butter Recipes!

Written by Kerri Ponder on August 19th, 2014

Bacon… and butter, two of the tastiest foods EVER! But have you thought about combining them into one? Bacon butter! Here are some yummy, delicious (and did I say awesome?) recipes for making your own flavored butter!
Perfect on a stack of hotcakes and even better on fresh homemade buttermilk biscuits, this bacon butter is a real family pleaser! There are even recipes for a bacon butter corn and turkey rub!

DIY Bacon Butter Recipes



 Not in any special order, here are some bacon butter recipes. Check them out and tell us which ones you loved best… if it is possible to choose just one. I’m just not sure it’s possible.


Corn on the Cob Bacon Butter Recipe:


You will need to mix together the following: one stick of softened butter (You can use salted if you like, but the bacon brings salt to this recipe, so I recommend the unsalted butter!), one tablespoon of dry ranch dressing mix, and 1/4 cup of crumbled bacon, freshly fried and drained on a paper towel.
This is absolutely scrumptious on corn as well as several other foods! The ranch lovers in your family will be hooked!


Turkey Bacon Butter Rub Recipe:
You will need a food processor (or Ninja!) for this recipe. In the processor, combine the following ingredients: one stick of unsalted butter (same reason as above!), six or eight pieces of freshly fried, drained and crumbled bacon, six leaves of sage (or the equivalent on your spice rack, if fresh isn’t available), one tbsp. of thyme leaves and 1/2 tsp. of fresh ground pepper.
Process until this mixture is smooth, and scrape onto Saran wrap. Shape the processed butter into a log and wrap tightly before placing it in the refrigerator.
Allow the butter to sit for a few hours or a few days, allowing the flavor to develop. After your turkey is prepared, cut the log of bacon butter into thin discs.
Using your hands, carefully slide each disc in between the skin and the meat of your turkey. Let the turkey to sit for a few minutes, allowing the bacon butter to soften underneath the skin.
After a few minutes of softening, massage the discs of butter to spread the bacon butter out more evenly under the skin. Follow your original recipe for roasting. The turkey should taste wonderful!



Bacon Butter Recipe for Breads (and Nearly Anything Else):

Adapted from Bon Apetit, this bacon butter is absolutely divine and adds a remarkable flavor to everything! With this recipe, you can use a butter mold for a pig-tastic table presentation.
You will need the following ingredients to begin: one slice of uncooked bacon, finely chopped, 1/2 cup (or one stick) of softened, unsalted butter (the bacon brings salt to this recipe), one tbsp. of bourbon, one tbsp. of pure maple syrup, and one tsp. of brown sugar.
When choosing whether to use light or dark brown sugar, remember the difference between these two is the amount of molasses. Personally, I use the dark brown because the rich flavor pairs well with the scrumptious taste of bacon. You can also add a pinch of salt to this recipe if you like, but remember there is already salt content in the bacon. You don’t want too much salt as this may overpower the other flavors.
Chop the uncooked bacon into tiny pieces and fry until crisp before placing on a paper towel to drain, saving a tsp. of the bacon fat for this recipe. In a small mixing bowl, combine the bacon, reserved tsp. of fat, butter, bourbon, brown sugar and maple syrup. Season now with the pinch of salt, if desired, and mix well. Your bacon butter is ready to store using airtight jars in the refrigerator until needed, for up to two weeks.

Do you have any great bacon butter recipes?


Let us know if you try one or all of these by commenting below!


How to Speak Pig Latin

Written by Kerri Ponder on August 16th, 2014

You may think that Pig Latin is an actual language but in truth, this is just a fun game to play with the English language. No one is sure where Pig Latin even originated from, the earliest mention is known to have occurred in 1869. It is even believed that Thomas Jefferson used Pig Latin letters to his friends. Originally, Pig Latin was likely dreamed up by juveniles who wished to converse in a special code not everyone could understand.


Do you know how to speak Pig Latin?



So, how does one learn Pig Latin? Pig Latin is  the easiest second language you will ever learn. However, claiming to be bilingual after learning Pig Latin won’t earn you any brownie points with your boss or get you a raise – unless you happen to have a really, really fun job.


Easy Steps to Speaking Pig Latin


To learn to art of Pig Latin, words that begin with consonants must be properly spoken. Basically, you will make Pig Latin words from those which begin with a consonant or consonant cluster by moving the consonant(s) from the beginning of the word to the end. Then, all you have to do is add the suffix of “-ay” to the word’s end.

This creates single consonant words like ello-hay for hello, uck-day for duck, and “Pig Latin” becomes Ig-pay Atin-lay. Words with consonant clusters in their beginning will change a little differently. In Pig Latin, the word “switch” becomes itch-sway, “glove” becomes ove-glay, and longer terms such as “fruit smoothie” becomes uit-fray oothie-smay.

If the word starts with a vowel, the approach to Pig Latin fluency is only mildly different. When words begin with vowels, you only need to add “-yay” to the word’s end. Some easy examples include: I-yay for “I”, are-yay for “are”, and as-yay for “as”.



The rules of Pig Latin change only slightly for words with the letter “y” as these can be a little more tricky. If  the “y” is at the beginning of a word, treat it like a consonant. Example: “yellow” becomes ellow-yay


The normal rules of Pig Latin will apply if “y” is the second letter in a word with only two letters. Example: “by” becomes y-bay

If  ”y” is at the end of a consonant cluster, this is treated like a vowel and is not moved to the word’s end. Example: “rhythm” becomes ythm-rhay

Compound words in Pig Latin are the most fun when they are split up, making the conversation more difficult to understand.

Example: “bedroom” changes to ed-bay oom-ray and “toothbrush” becomes ooth-tay ush-bray.

Learning Pig Latin

Learning Pig Latin is only beneficial if there is someone to secretly converse with. Also, learning the rules of Pig Latin and practicing with someone can be a lot of fun! You will be able to carry on top secret conversations!

At first, Pig Latin is a little tricky but the challenge and the practicing can be a lot of fun. The more you practice, the better you will speak Pig Latin. Speak and write notes with your friends in Pig Latin for great practice.

Because Pig Latin is not an actual language but more of a fun hobby, you may come across others who form their words a little differently. It is normal to find variations to this humorous language.

Memorizing a few of your personal favorite phrases will help to speed communication considerably. Example: “What’s up?” becomes At’s-whay up-way?

When conversing in Pig Latin, speak slowly and enunciate your words correctly. Your friends will be more able to understand you, and you won’t have to repeat yourself so much.

Technology and Pig Latin



If you need some help converting English to Pig Latin, or Pig Latin to English, there are numerous apps and websites online to help. Do you learn better by playing games? If so, you are in luck! There are several games online to improve your Pig Latin.


Easeplay eavelay ouryay ommentscay erehay, inway Englishway orway Igpay Atinlay!

Limericks about Pigs

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 31st, 2014


Do you remember studying limericks in Junior High School? Every week at my school, the entire class had to memorize about five different limericks to recite in front of the room. More like tongue twisters than poems, many of those crazy little rhymes are still stuck in my head more than twenty-five years later.
Many of the limericks learned in class were filled with humor and almost always about animals. For those of you who do not remember studying these, a limerick is often comical and nonsensical, and sometimes even lewd.
Limericks are structured in five line anapestic meter, offering a strict rhyme scheme referred to as AABBA. The first two lines always rhyme with the last line while the third and fourth line rhyme. Also, the third and fourth lines are usually shorter than the rest.
Here are some cute limericks for your enjoyment featuring a funny animal indeed, the pig. Say them aloud for an extra dose of fun …or to make others think you have finally flipped your lid.

There was a young pig whose delight
Was to follow the moths in their flight.
He entrapped them in nets,
Then admired his pets
As they danced on the ceiling at night.



There once was a piglet named Bob
Who spent all of his days on a log.
He sat there all day
While his friends went to play
‘Til one day he was lost in the fog.

-by Allison Tremblay


There was a young pig who, in bed,
Nightly slumbered with eggs on his head.
When the sun at its rise
Made him open his eyes
He enjoyed them for breakfast in bed.



There was a young pig from Racine
Whose botanical interests were keen.
He planted a sock
In a bright window box,
Where it blossomed and sprouted a bean.



There was a poor pig on the street,
In the dustbin found tidbits to eat,
Though his hot garbage stew,
Smelled exactly like glue,
He declared that its taste was a treat.



There was a sad pig with a tail
Not curly, but straight as a nail.
So he ate simply oodles
Of pretzels and noodles,
Which put a fine twist to his tail.

-by Arnold Lobel


Hopefully, you will find these as fun and entertaining as I have over the years.

What limericks do you recall from your school days?

Interesting Facts about Pigs on the Farm

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 30th, 2014


Explore some Facts about the Pig’s Habitat 


If you want to know more about pigs, one good way is to learn about their habitats.  In America today, many people have domesticated pigs as pets and allow them to live indoors.  However, most pigs can be found living outdoors on a farm.  For your entertainment, here are some fun facts and trivia tidbits about farms and farm life.



Did You Know?


  •  New York City farmers built a wall in the 17th century to keep pigs from roaming.  The street running alongside this wall was named “Wall Street”.

  • Farmers are twice as likely to die on the job as police officers. In addition, they are approximately four times as likely to be killed on the job as firefighters.

  • In Colorado, some sheep farmers keep llamas to guard their sheep.

  • In the U.S., the first branded animals were not cows but rather, pigs. This began when farmers in Connecticut became required to mark their swine.

  • The pork industry in the U.S. generates sales of approximately $21 billion per year. McDonald’s is one of the America’s largest buyers of pork products, responsible for consumption of about 1% of the nation’s total pork production.  This is due to the sales of Sausage McMuffins, the McRib sandwich and their breakfast menu.

  • U.S. farmers are raising approximately 117.1 million pigs this year, the highest number in a half century or more.  World pork output gains 2.7 percent to an all-time high of 104.4 million metric tons according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  • A full grown pig can drink up to fourteen gallons of water a day.  Farmers must provide a large supply of water to pigs daily.

  • One sow (mature female pig) can give birth to a litter of 7 to 12 piglets twice each year.  When a sow gives birth to her baby pigs, it is called farrowing. The gestational period for a sow is 114 days, which is a little less than 4 months.

  • A baby pig (piglet) weighs approximately 2 ½ pounds when born but will double its weight in just one week.

  • Pigs are very good swimmers and will actually choose water over mud.  Farms with ponds make good homes for pigs.

  • Around the world, people eat more pork than any other meat, but in America, beef and poultry beat pork in popularity.

  • While many think pigs eat nearly anything (slop), the truth is farmers are very picky about what their pigs eat.  Approved foods include corn, wheat and soybean meal. Vitamins and minerals are also added for growth and improved overall health.

  • Pork offers protein, B-vitamins and Thiamine to healthy diets. This is about three times as much Thiamine as in any other food. This is important because Thiamine converts carbohydrates into energy.

  • Pigs are curious and playful; they are happiest when they can keep busy.  Many farmers offer entertainment for their pigs in the form of beach balls and unneeded tires.

  • While the name suggests gluttony, pigs will only eat until they are full.

  • A mature pig has 44 teeth called tusks.  These tusks will continue to grow across the pig’s entire life but are honed and sharpened by the uppers rubbing against the lowers. It is a good thing that pigs are not normally aggressive.

  • Pigs have a keen sense of smell, as their snouts are highly developed as a sense organ and is also very sensitive to touch.  Pigs can even smell things that are underground.  Many farmers will put rings in their pigs’ noses to prevent them from rooting. Wild pigs feed themselves by digging for roots to eat. This digging can causes a lot of damage and problems on the farm.

  • Fully grown boars can weigh more than 500 pounds, while most sows can weigh anywhere from 300 to 500 pounds.

  • The highest recorded price ever paid for a pig was $56,000 which was paid for a cross-breed named Bud.  This was on March 5, 1985.

  • The Pet Hall of Fame features a pig named Priscilla who once saved a boy from drowning.  As a rule, pigs are very brave.

  • The largest pig as of 2014 was a Poland-China hog named “Big Bill”.  This hefty porker weighed 2,552 pounds and was five feet tall and nine feet long.  Wow!

  • The largest litter of piglets ever born was 37 piglets – 36 were born alive and 33 survived.

  • Pig heart valves have been used to successfully replace damaged human heart valves.

  • Insulin and more than forty other pharmaceuticals and medications are derived from pig products.

  • Pig fat and other pig products are used in the following items: cosmetics, floor wax, crayons, chalk, weed killers, anti-freeze, glass, china, adhesives, plastics, paint, chewing gum, shoes, and many of other items.

It is no wonder we love pigs!  Look at all the wonderful ways that pigs help us and in some cases, even save our lives.  Do you know any interesting facts about pigs or farm life?  Please share it with us by commenting below!

Easy Summertime Meal: Hot Ham and Swiss Sliders

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 28th, 2014



Ham and Swiss Sliders with Tasty Poppy Seed Sauce


I found this recipe online and adapted it to suit my needs, serving these sliders to my hungry family at an outdoor birthday event. They were so easy to make ahead of time and store in the refrigerator until time to heat and serve. I used a covered casserole dish to serve these mini hot ham and Swiss sandwiches which made transporting them to the picnic a breeze.

The sliders were a huge success as I had only four sandwiches left after serving two pans full. Best of all, there was very little cooking and the assembly was easy. The most important thing to remember is to choose the very best tasting brands of ham, Swiss and dressing for optimal flavor. This recipe is extremely versatile and it will be easy to make small changes to suit your own needs.


Assembly of the Ham and Swiss Sliders



Slider Ingredients:


24 white dinner rolls

24 pieces of your favorite deli ham

24 small slices of quality Swiss cheese

1/2 cup Miracle Whip or mayo



Assembly is quite simple, starting with the delicious rolls to use for buns on your sliders. Sara Lee Dinner Rolls, Rhode’s Frozen Rolls, and King’s Hawaiian Rolls are the three best available to use in my area so I went with Sara Lee. Cut each roll in half to form a bun and pile on the goodies.

I put two slices of meat on each sandwich and a generous amount of Swiss on top, and then placed each mini slider into the casserole dish.  Try to place the finished sandwiches really close together in the pan so the bread won’t become soggy when you add the poppy seed sauce.  This is your stopping point if making these ham and Swiss sliders in advance. Cover and place in the refrigerator until you are ready to continue.

After all of the mini ham and Swiss sliders have been assembled, it is time to make the poppy seed sauce. Don’t be afraid to be creative, adding things to make this recipe your own. Here are your base requirements for the sauce.

Poppy Seed Sauce Ingredients:


1 Tbsp poppy seeds

1 Tbsp of yellow mustard

1 stick of unsalted or regular butter, melted

1 tsp of onion powder

1/2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce


Start by melting the butter in a sauce pan or microwave safe bowl and slowly add all ingredients until everything is mixed well together.  Heat the sauce and allow to cool for a few minutes so the flavor can develop a bit before applying to the TOP of each slider. Use a pastry brush until every mini sandwich has an ample amount of seasoning. Again, wait at least ten minutes to allow the sauce to soak into the buns.

In the small town where I live, poppy seeds were unavailable so I chose a good quality Poppy Seed salad dressing from which to start my base. Finding poppy seeds and making your own sauce will likely be best but in a pinch, the dressing works too.  This recipe is so versatile and quick, the changes were a success and no one knew the difference.  If you like, throw in a little brown sugar and switch the yellow mustard for the spicy brown variety.




Cover both casserole dishes filled with sliders using aluminum foil and bake in the oven at 350 degrees.  Check after ten minutes and again after twelve minutes.  The sliders are ready when the Swiss cheese is nicely melted. Uncover and cook for an additional three minutes and serve immediately.

Jalapeno Popper Cheeseball Recipe with Bacon

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 28th, 2014


Need a new and exciting cheeseball recipe? 


Don’t let the Jalapeno scare yo off!  This recipe is not too hot for most palates.



Sorry about the photograph as I was using Tupperware rather than an attractive serving dish. En route to an outdoor birthday party at the local park, this was taken before hurrying out the door.  This was a recipe I had found online but it has been nearly a year and I cannot recall where the adaptations came from. 


This cheeseball recipe was absolutely delicious and very easy to assemble.  The ingredients used were rather inexpensive and easy to find.  Even though the recipe calls for Jalapeno, the cheeseball was not too spicy or hot.  My daughter in law avoids all spicy food like the plague and even she enjoyed this delicious cheeseball recipe.


One of the best things about this recipe is the addition of bacon crumbles. I purchased mine from the grocery store to save on time.  Another great feature was that this recipe used Panko bread crumbs which are much more flavorful and satisfying that regular bread crumbs.


I wouldn’t make a cheeseball with any other type of bread crumbs actually – I am addicted. Panko bread crumbs give the cheeseball a nice crunchy texture that offsets the smoothness of the cream cheese.  Check out the recipe and see for yourself.


 Jalapeno Popper Cheeseball Recipe


Two eight ounce blocks of cream cheese, any brand
One four ounce can of diced jalapenos, drained
One four ounce can of diced green chilies, drained
1/4 teaspoon of garlic salt
1/3 cup of bacon crumbles
1/4 cup of grated Parmesan Cheese, consider using the bagged variety rather than a dry Parmesan shaker
1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup of Panko bread crumbs
1 tablespoon of real butter
1 tablespoon of parsley flakes, fresh is best if you have it on hand
The instructions are fairly simple. Just combine the cream cheese, Jalapeno, green chilies, garlic salt, bacon, Parmesan and cheddar cheese.  Form the mixture into a ball and chill in the refrigerator for at least fifteen minutes, if not longer. 
Melt the butter in a sauce pan and then add the Panko bread crumbs and parsley.  Toast the bread crumbs carefully, stirring often, until they turn a nice golden brown color. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
Once the bread crumbs mixture has cooled off completely and cheese ball is chilled well, remove the cheeseball from  the fridge. You will roll the cheeseball in the bread crumbs mixture until the outside is fully covered (see picture).  Cover the cheeseball and chill in refrigerator until time to serve.
Be sure to serve this wonderful cheeseball recipe with one or more varieties of crackers.  Refrigerate any leftovers and don’t forget to save this recipe for any encores.


Where’s the Pork and Other Important Facts

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 26th, 2014


We’ve all wondered…


Where is the pork in pork and beans?  Why just this tiny piece of fat?


pork and beans


 The “pork” advertised inside commercially manufactured Pork and Beans is actually nothing more than pork fat.  During the cooking process, nearly all of the pork fat is rendered.  Manufacturers answer this question by saying the pork fat is only present to add flavor rather than content.


There are a few Pork and Bean manufacturers who have considered changing their recipe to include only lean pork while others have considered leaving the word “pork” off of the product.  Some consumers have tried to lobby with the FDA to require a healthier and more honest change but the Pork and Bean manufacturers say the customers love their product and do not want to make any changes.

Pork and Beans – A Huge Success


Manufacturers are probably right not to want to change their recipe.  Campbell’s sells approximately one hundred million cans of Pork and Beans annually.  That is a LOT of beans!  Canned Pork and Beans were first introduced in the 1880′s, but were not a huge success until H.J. Heinz developed another version in 1895.

Thanks to an Indianapolis grocer named Gilbert Van Camp, Pork and Beans are an American classic that is surely here to stay.  He used an old family recipe to develop the Pork and Beans in tomato sauce and opened a canning company after his surname of Van Camp’s.

Interestingly enough,  Gilbert Van Camp was said to have built the first cold storage warehouse.  It was also Frank Van Camp who asserted that the beans taste better hot.  In addition, another reason for the success of Van Camp’s Pork & Beans is because he gained a contract with the Union Army during the Civil War.  Perhaps all of this is true or the stories maybe nothing more than urban legend.

Nutritional Content of Pork and Beans



Beans have a lot of protein and fiber so all in all, Pork and Beans could be considered somewhat healthy.  However, they also contain a huge amount of sodium.  In addition, Pork and Beans also contain two or more types of fats depending on the brand – hence the “pork” ingredient.   Because of this, if you are on a strict diet, a different bean choice would be more sensible and offer less calories.


What do you think of Pork and Beans?


Shortbread Cookie Recipe for Pig Lovers

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 25th, 2014


Everyone loves Shortbread Cookies!


Shortbread Cookie Recipe


Iced shortbread cookies are an absolute favorite of mine and I am sure you will agree that these pink piggys look positively scrumptious.  With some cute pig shaped sprinkles, you can make these cookies even more pig-tastic!  These are from Amazon – aren’t they adorable?!


Pink and White Pig Sprinkles


Shortbread Cookie Recipe


  • Cooking spray, if you do not have parchment paper on hand
  • 2 cups of unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1 1/2 cups of confectioners’ or powdered sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of pure vanilla extract
  • 4 cups of southern all-purpose flour, plus a bit more for rolling out the dough
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder – check the date to make sure it’s fresh enough for shortbread


Line your baking sheets with parchment paper or use a generous amount of cooking spray.  Using the paddle attachment on your mixer, beat butter and sugar on high until fluffy.  Add pure vanilla extract and continue to beat until combined well.

In another bowl, stir the flour and baking powder together and add the flour mixture to the butter mixture – slowly while the mixer is on a low speed.  Stop beating when the flour is mixed in.

Do NOT over beat or your cookies will be tough rather than soft!

Form the shortbread dough into a round shape and cover in plastic wrap.  Refrigerate for one hour.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and lightly flour a smooth surface to roll out the dough to one quarter of an inch in thickness.

Use a delightful pig shaped cookie cutter to cut the shortbread cookies.  Next, carefully transfer the pig shaped cookies to the prepared baking sheets and place them about one half inch apart.  Combine the dough scraps and continue to cut cookies until all the dough has been used.

Bake until light brown around the edges, approximately ten to twelve minutes. Cool on baking sheets for about ten minutes, then transfer to wire racks before icing cookies.

When the cookies are cool, dip them face down in the pink icing, recipe below. Set cookies on the parchment paper to allow the icing to harden before decorating.


Icing Recipe for Pig Shaped Shortbread Cookies


  • 2 cups of confectioners’ or powdered sugar, sifted well
  • 1/4 cup of whole or 2% milk
  • 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
  • Pink food coloring


In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the following ingredients: powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract.  Tint with food coloring until you get the perfect pink pig color and mix well.


These shortbread cookies will be a family favorite and it is very doubtful they will last long.  This recipe is much cheaper than purchasing overpriced shortbread cookies in your favorite grocer’s bakery.  In addition, it is not likely you would find these adorable pig shapes!


Do You Love  the Way Shortbread Cookies Seem to Melt in Your Mouth?


Marranitos – Mexican Pig Shaped Cookies

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 23rd, 2014


Need a Recipe for Your Pig Shaped Cookie Cutter?




Have you ever heard of “Gingerbread Pigs?”  If so, you were probably hearing about traditional marranitos cookies which are shaped like pigs and are quite delicious. The marranitos cookie offers a spicy brown flavor thanks to the recipe’s need for rich molasses. This recipe is the perfect way to utilize your adorable piggy cookie cutters!


These Mexican cookies are rich and decadent, offering a soft cake-like texture that is very similar to a shortbread cookie.  The spices used in this recipe create a deeply flavorful treat, accentuated by the traditional dark unrefined sugar called piloncillo.  Marranitos cookies are wonderful alone or with a warm beverage such as coffee or Mexican Hot Chocolate – called Champurrado.  The following recipe will yield approximately 40 pig shaped cookies.


Marranitos Ingredient List


2 1/2 cups of packed grated piloncillo (dark brown sugar)
1/2 cup of butter or shortening, room temperature
4 large eggs, room temperature
2/3 cups of whole milk
3 teaspoons of vanilla bean paste
3 teaspoons of baking soda
3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons of ground ginger
1 1/2 cups of molasses
1/2 cup of pure honey
10 to 12 cups of all-purpose flour, may vary slightly depending on geographic location

Marranitos Recipe


Beat the piloncillo and butter in a large bowl until combined.
Add 2 eggs, milk, and vanilla bean paste; beat again until smooth.
Add the following ingredients and beat well: baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, molasses, and honey. 

Add in 6 cups of the flour and beat well. Slowly add the additional flour, using a wooden spoon once the dough becomes stiff.
The dough will be a little crumbly. Once you have added as much of the flour, quickly use your hands to knead in the rest.
You need a consistency in the dough that can be rolled out.
Place a sheet of plastic wrap on the counter and turn out the dough.
Shape the dough into a large oval and wrap in plastic. Refrigerate for at least one hour at minimum.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
Cut the refrigerated dough in half and re-wrap one half; place the wrapped half back inside the refrigerator.
Roll the remaining dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Dough should be about ¼” thick.
Use your favorite pig-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the Mexican cookies.
Place cookie cut outs on the paper covered baking sheets. Re-roll dough and cut more cookies until all of the dough is used.
Repeat these steps with the other section of dough that is in the refrigerator.
Brush a thin coat of the remaining two beaten eggs on the cookies before putting them in the oven.
Bake in the middle of the oven for approximately fifteen minutes or until cookies turn gold around the edges. Marranitos should be cooked through.
Remove cookies from the oven and place them on a rack to cool. Keep these scrumptious cookies completely covered so they will remain soft and delicious.

With this simple and delightful recipe, you can enjoy the same cookies found in traditional panaderias, or Mexican bakeries.  Remember that baking soda is the leavening agent in this recipe so the amount used will make pigs fatter or skinnier. The small amount of shortening helps to keep these pig cookies moist.


Have you ever eaten a Marranitos Pig Cookie?


Would You Try a Bacon Cupcake?

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 22nd, 2014

At Last, A Cupcake for Bacon Lovers!


Bacon Cupcakes


This is an amazing way to celebrate the love of bacon!  Shown here is a Maple Bacon Cupcake, topped with icing and lean delicious bacon crumbles. While it may seem odd to pair sugary sweet icing and cake with salty bacon, the two flavors seem to complement each other quite well. This particular cupcake combination can be found in many small cupcakerias and bakeries across the US.


Below is the recipe for delicious maple flavored cupcakes.  As you make these wonderful cupcakes, maple syrup can be used to create some impressive recipes. Maple syrup is probably most often used in cookie recipes so be sure to consider this the next time you need some easy finger foods.  For this recipe, choose either Grade A or Grade B maple syrup (Grade B will yield a slightly stronger flavor). Please do not substitute regular pancake syrup for real maple syrup – it will be a disappointment.


Maple Cupcake Recipe


3 cups of all purpose flour
2 tsps of baking powder
1/2 tsp of salt
1 cup of real butter, room temperature
1 1/2 cups of dark brown sugar
4 large eggs, room temperature
2 tsps of real vanilla extract
2/3 cup of buttermilk
2/3 cup of real maple syrup


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and gather your ingredients.

Line muffin tins with paper cupcake liners.  A nice chocolate or tan color will look wonderful.

Using a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together the first three ingredients: flour, baking powder and salt.

In a second, larger mixing bowl, cream together the real butter and brown sugar until light. Dark brown sugar will give your cupcakes a stronger molasses flavor than light brown sugar.

Beat in the four large eggs, one at a time. Follow with real vanilla extract.

Stir in the buttermilk and your real maple syrup.

Gradually you should blend in the flour mixture, stirring just until the batter is combined well.

Divide the batter evenly into the prepared muffin tin of cupcake liners. Fill approximately half way for perfectly shaped cupcakes.

Bake cupcakes for approximately 15-18 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a middle cupcake comes out clean.

Set cupcakes out of warm muffin pans and onto a wire rack to cool before frosting. Do not leave them in the pan to cool.

Yield: 24 regular cupcakes or 48 mini cupcakes

Choose Your Favorite Icing


Once your cupcakes have cooled, it is time to make some icing. Check out the following icing recipes where you can choose from a Buttercream that is Maple flavored or a Vanilla Chai Buttercream icing which will also complement the flavor of this cupcake. Choosing the Maple flavored icing will result in a stronger, more authentic flavor. It is recommended to choose whichever will please your palate. 


Maple Buttercream


1 cup of real butter, room temperature
4 tbsps of maple syrup, room temperature
4-6 tbsps of milk, room temperature
4-6 cups of powdered confectioners’ sugar


In a medium size mixing bowl, combine butter, maple syrup, milk and 3 cups of confectioners’ sugar in a large bowl. Beat at medium-high speed until the mixture is smooth.

Add the remaining amount of sugar in gradually until frosting becomes thick enough to spread without effort. (You may not need all of the sugar.)

If the icing is too dry, add some additional milk – a little at a time – until icing reaches the desired consistency.

Spread or pipe the icing onto cooled cupcakes.


If You Prefer a Vanilla Flavored Icing…


This is a wonderful Vanilla Chai Buttercream icing recipe that can easily be piped or spread onto the cupcakes. The flavor is absolutely sinful and the frosting has tiny flecks which will add to the character and appearance of this magnificent, delicious cupcake.  This recipe will make four cups. For impressively iced cupcakes with peaks that are piped on, you may need to double the recipe.


 Vanilla Chai Buttercream Icing Recipe


 Bacon Cupcake Icing


1/2 cup of half and half

2 black tea bags

2 cups of butter at room temperature

8 cups of powdered confectioners’ sugar

1 tsp of Ground Cinnamon

1 tsp of Ground Ginger

1/2 tsp of Ground Cardamon

1/2 tsp of Ground Cloves

4 tsps of real Vanilla Extract


Measure the half and half into a microwave safe mixing bowl and heat for 50 seconds.

Remove bowl from the microwave and place the two tea bags in the half and half to steep.

Mix the real butter for one minute with an electric mixer on medium speed.

Add the following ingredients: powdered sugar, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and vanilla extract.

Mix on low speed until the powdered sugar is mixed into the butter; then, increase mixer speed to medium and add the tea flavored half and half (discard the tea bags).

If icing is not at the desired consistency, add more powder sugar – a little at a time – until the desired consistency is reached.

Use immediately or store for up to one month in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.


Pretty Please with Bacon on Top 


making bacon cupcakes

Are you ready to make some candied bacon for your delicious garnish?  Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.  All you will need is some good quality brown sugar cured shoulder bacon , one cup of dark brown sugar, and 6 tbsp of real maple syrup.

Line your baking sheet by spreading parchment paper out to lay the bacon out. Mix the real maple syrup and dark brown sugar together. Brush this sweet mixture onto both sides of the bacon.

Bake the bacon in the oven, basting every few minutes with the brown sugar and maple syrup mixture. Be sure to flip bacon over several times to reapply the sweet mix.

After your cupcakes have been iced, strategically place prepared candy bacon crumbles on top of your delicious maple cupcakes. Take some pictures because you are going to want to show these delicious treats off. 



More Funny Pig Jokes and Riddles

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 19th, 2014

Jokes Especially for Pig Enthusiasts


pig jokes and riddles
The size, stature and appearance of the lowly barnyard pig offers plenty of reasons to laugh but just in case you need another reason, here are some cute pig jokes to enjoy. Hopefully, these witty one liners and pig jokes will make you laugh. Share them with your friends and make someone’s day.


Pig Jokes: One Liners


What will you get if you cross a dinosaur and a pig?

Jurassic Pork


Why did the pig spread a blanket on the ground?

He wanted to have a pig-nic


What kind of pig knows martial arts?

A Pork Chop


What do you call a pig with a sunburn?



How did the pig get to the hospital?

In a Hambulance


What did one pig say to the other pig?

Let’s be pen pals


What is it called when you are stampeded by pigs?



Where do pigs park their cars?

The Porking Lot


Why does it take the pig hours to cross the road?

He is a slow-pork


What happened when the pig pen broke?

He had to use a pencil


Which magazine does the Big Bad Wolf like to read?

Pork’s Illustrated


What do you call a pig with three eyes?

A Piiig!


How do pigs share top secret messages?

Invisible Oink


 More Pig Jokes


The Insult

A lady goes into a bar with her goose. Then the bartender comes up to her and says, “Why did you have to bring the pig in with you?” 


Then the lady answered, “Excuse me, I think this is a goose.”

And the bartender says, ”Excuse me, I was talking to the goose.”

My Brother’s Pig


Two brothers are separated at birth, one going to live in the big city and the other on a farm in the coutry. Eventually, the two learn of each other and there’s a happy reunion on the country brother’s farm. Having never been to a farm before, the city brother asks for a tour. The farmer shows him the cows, the barn, horses, and the corn fields before coming to the pig sty, where he proudly introduces his prized possesion: a three-legged sow.


“That sow is finest animal to ever live,” proclaimed the farmer, “She saved my three children from the barn when it was burning down.”

“When I fell from the tree over yonder, she ran all the way to town and fetched the doctor,” he continued.

“And, when my wife went into labor in the middle of the night, she delivered my yongest son!”

Amazed, the city brother remarked, “that’s quite a pig. But, what happened to her that she only has three legs?”

“Well, hell,” said the farmer, “be a damn shame, eat a pig like that all at once.”

The Farmer


A traveling salesman is driving down a country road when he comes across a farmer who is standing in his orchard, hoisting pigs into the apple trees with ropes. He stops. “What are you doing?” the salesman asks.


“I’m feeding the pigs,” answers the farmer, incredulous that someone could ask a question with such an obvious answer. “Well,” says the salesman, “why don’t you let the apples fall to the ground, gather them up in baskets, and feed the pigs that way?”


The farmer ponders, then says, “Hmmmm. Yes, I guess I could do it that way. But what would be the point?” The salesman is a bit exasperated: “Well, it would save time, wouldn’t it?” The farmer ponders again.


“Yes,” he says after a pause, “I guess it would save time. But what’s time to a pig?”

Pig Riddles


Riddle: How are a pig and a horse like each other?

Answer: When a pig is hungry, he eats like a horse.
And when a horse is hungry he eats like a pig!!!


Riddle: Why can’t you play basketball with pigs?

Answer: Because they hog the ball!


Riddle: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret to a pig?

Answer: Because he is a squealer



Riddle: What do you get when you cross a pig with a centipede?
Answer: Bacon and legs!

Pigs in the Kitchen

Written by Kerri Ponder on May 19th, 2014

Pig Purchases for Baking Enthusiasts


If you are absolutely crazy about pigs and love to bake delicious treats for your family, the following product line-up will be right up your alley. Enjoy freshly baked piggies in all shapes and sizes or choose from several other helpful kitchen merchandise to brighten your day and ease the workload.


 Kitchen Kritters Silicone Pig Pot Holder Set

 pig shaped potholders


A busy cook can never have too many potholders and grabbers in the kitchen. While many pot holders are made of materials which wear out quickly, these savvy pigs are sure to last a long time. The silicone construction provides durability and the design is definitely fun! Find these exceptional pig related baking products at overstock.com for less than $20.


Lovely Pig Cake Mold


pig shaped silicone baking mold



There are so many great baking and craft uses for silicone molds, and these little pigs are guaranteed to inspire you! There are sixteen cavities for you to create any number of desserts, soaps, tea light candles and other crafts. Available on Etsy, you can order this durable bakeware for less than a five dollar bill!


Piggy Etched Casserole Dish


piggy etched casserole dish


Potlucks requiring a covered dish will never be boring when they scoop from this etched casserole dish to find an adorable pig and teasing message! This one of a kind bakeware is available on Etsy and would make a wonderful gift for the pig enthusiast in your life.  Is it even possible to have too many glass casserole dishes?


Pig Chocolate Candy Molds


pig candy mold


If you are looking for a great way to spend $2.00, your search is officially over! These adorable plastic pig molds will make great novelty candy and chocolates. Completely safe for hand washing, this mold creates 18 adorable piggys. One pound of candy coating or chocolate will yield about 80 pigs!


Edible Pink Pig Sprinkles


pig shaped sprinkles


Now any cake or cupcake can celebrate your love of pigs! Check out these adorable pink piggy edible sprinkles available at Country Kitchen Sweetheart for less than $2.00! Sized at approximately 1/4″ wide and 1/32″ thick, these sprinkles offer a great way to make your busy day pig-tastic!

Wilton Pantastic Cake Pan


Wilton Pantastic Cake Pan


 Wilton offers so many wonderful pans but this one is sure to be a favorite! This Pantastic Pig will help you bake a whimsical cake for any celebration. Available at Confectionery House, baking enthusiasts can purchase this pan for the low price of $6.99. Made of durable plastic, the end result will be a generous 8 x 13 size. 



Pig Cookie Cutters

pig shaped cookie cutterEvery respectable kitchen must own at least one pig shaped cookie cutter, right? Of course! There are so many piggy shaped cutters available, it may be hard to settle on just one design. The design featured comes from Peach Suite, and is available for less than $5.00.  


Pink Cupcake Liners


Pink Pig Cupcake Liners


Another kitchen supply to keep on hand at all times are these nifty and bright paper cupcake liners in pink. Perfect for making pink pig cupcakes, these liners are available at Birthday Direct for approximately $2.00. With some pink icing, a marshmallow snout, two brown m&ms for eyes, and two pink sugar wafer ears, you can craft some adorable edible pig cupcakes!


 What Piggy Items Do You Have?


There are so many wonderful baking items for the kitchen that will help fans celebrate the love of pigs! This line-up is only the beginning. What other great pig related merchandise would you recommend? What piggy items do you own and love?

Do You Remember….

Written by Kerri Ponder on March 30th, 2014

Gorgeous Creatures Dolls from Mattel?



From left:  Princess Pig, Ms. Heavenly Hippo, Cow Belle, and Ms. Giddee Yup Dolls


Gorgeous Creatures Dolls made their debut in the Mattel toy line-up of 1979 and were marketed through 1980. Four different animal dolls were issued with colorful and humorous names, including a pig, a cow, a horse and a hippo. All were small waisted and well endowed but with curvier hips and legs than Barbie. Uniquely different, these dolls measured 7 1/2 inches tall, four inches shorter than most fashion dolls.


Mattel never marketed any additional clothes or accessories for these Gorgeous Creatures Dolls. The initial purchase, however, included matching hats and gloves and each southern belle had a picture of her “boyfriend.” Also, these Mattel dolls had a theme and a brightly colored box.


I had the whole set… can you guess which doll was played with most?



The commercial that featured these fashion savvy and attractive animals features a female narrator with a thick southern accent… much like that of Rue McClanahan’s sultry character, Blanche Devereaux, on the Golden Girls. In this advertisement, even mom was playing with one of these beauties.  I still have all four dolls but only two still have their original box… check these two out. (And that’s my Skipper Fashion Doll Storage Case in the background too!)



Here is a closer look at my Princess Pig Doll and her sexy boa, clothes, tights and ‘diamond’ earrings.


Even though these dolls are very unique and unusual (none similar have been produced to my knowledge). these Gorgeous Creatures Dolls from Matte; do not hold much monetary value. Those still in boxes and never played with are valued at approximately $14-15.00 and the more played with dolls will only bring about $4-5.00. However, to those of us who love these vintage toys from our past, they are truly priceless. (Kudos to mom for making me take good care of my toys!)

Do you have any toys left from your childhood?


Bonus Points if they are pig-related (Wink!)

Celebrate National Piggy Manicures Day with Me!

Written by Kerri Ponder on March 25th, 2014

March 26th is National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! 

As any respectable pig lover would do, I am making yet another day all about pigs and what better idea than to celebrate with a wonderful manicure. So, if you needed an excuse to slip off to the salon for a well-deserved beauty treatment, you’re welcome! This will be the perfect Spring Pig-Me-Up – yes, I totally just said that! I couldn’t help myself!

What better way to celebrate the onset of Spring than with a massage and manicure?

What better manicure than one that combines pink polka-dots and those lovable piggys? Just think of all the compliments you will receive! This manicure is perfect whether your nails are short or long!


Here is another pig-tastic manicure in pink and piggy faces! If you were born in the Year of the Pig, this is a great way to celebrate the little porker that represents your birth date.

Similar to the other piggy manicures with polka-dots and sweet pig faces, but this color really pops! This is a really cool twist to the ho-hum traditional french manicure.

If you would like your manicure to tell a story, this is a wonderful nail art idea using the old tale of the three pigs and the big, bad wolf. This would be a great choice for teachers, child care providers and mothers of small children. Kids ares so easily amused and I bet they would love this design.  There are some other cute designs for educators here.

Aren’t ideas that you could never think of great? I would have never thought of little black pigs and blue with polka-dots but this looks like so much fun! This is definitely a unique idea that I would love to try sometime.

This is a really cute idea celebrating a pigs main features, adorable faces complete with snouts and curly-cue tails, with what pigs say and do: roll in mud and say OINK! Really cute idea from Peace, Love and Polish!

While I could never consider pigs as evil, here is a great piggy manicure in green which features the evil pig on Angry Birds. What I do love is this bright green color and anything-but-dull french manicure. There is a cool tutorial on how to paint this manicure here.


If you love to play Angry Birds but cannot decide on a favorite character, here is the perfect manicure for you. Think of the comments and compliments you will receive when you are sporting this cool manicure!

Because Spring is the time when animals are supposed to become ‘twitterpated’, this seems like the perfect nail art for the month of March. This manicure also incorporates some new colors and shapes – red, black and hearts! Oh my!

This manicure would be like wearing little masterpieces on your fingernails. The heart is so adorable, perfect for showing off some pig love! Choose this adorable design to replace those boring Easter Nail Art designs – because seriously – pigs are so much more fun than ho-hum rabbits!

Seriously? This pigs and glitter combination makes me want to rush out right now and get my own Piggy Manicure! How perfect for Spring! Is anyone headed to Prom this month? Oh, I would be so tempted to do something original such as this if I were attending prom.

Because everyone loves Miss Piggy, this manicure celebrates Pig Power. This list would not be complete without homage to our favorite frog-loving gal. The stars add a really nice touch and the little glove-covered fist captures Miss Piggy’s spunky personality so well.

Which manicure do you like the best?

Are you going to celebrate my National Piggy Manicures Day? 

National Chip and Dip Day plus Recipe!

Written by Kerri Ponder on March 23rd, 2014

Today is Sunday, March 23rd – Happy Chip and Dip Day! 

Celebrate this All American Snack today!

Do you know why chips and dip became a popular snack in America? During the Great Depression, many people who entertained frequently had to give up the luxury of maids and cooks. Because of its simplicity and easy preparation, this became the go-to for party snacking among middle class families.

Whoever coined this holiday loves food as much as I do. The best way to celebrate National Chip and Dip Day  is with something related to pigs, right? I’m thinking bacon!  And, I have the perfect recipe in mind! It’s a piggy-licious  dip recipe to serve with your favorite chips – or better yet, make some tasty homemade chips instead! And of course we will call it…

Pig and Dip Recipe

For the Pig aka Homemade Chips: 

2 large russet potatoes, cleaned – sliced into rounds, skin on

16 ounces (4 cups) shredded Colby, cheddar or your favorite cheese blend

12 slices of bacon, cooked – chopped into small pieces

1/3 cup finely chopped chives or green onions, optional

Nonstick cooking spray

Salt, optional

Preheat oven to 375-400 degrees.

Line the baking sheet with aluminum foil then spray with nonstick cooking spray.

Lay the dry potato rounds on the foil and spray them with cooking spray also.

Sprinkle each round with cheese and bacon pieces.

Bake eight to ten minutes or until cheese is melted.

Remove from oven to sprinkle with parsley and salt.

Transfer the cheesy chips to a cooling rack and allow to cool for five to seven minutes.

Serve with tasty dip, recipe below.

For the Dip:

2 Tablespoons of Ranch Dressing

6 Generous Tablespoons of sour cream

1/2 teaspoon of chipotle chili powder

1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder

 Combine all of these ingredients and mix well. Cover and refrigerate until time National Chip and Dip Day …or anytime you are craving the flavor of Pig and Dip! This appetizer recipe easily serves a family of four quite nicely.

Life is hectic. If you don’t have time to make your own homemade chips, grab a bag or two from the local supermarket or gas station to celebrate National Chip and Dip Day. There are so many delicious choices to eat with this tasty dip recipe!

What is your favorite brand and flavor?

2014 Feng Shui Tips for the Pig

Written by Kerri Ponder on March 22nd, 2014

In Chinese Astrology, each year is represented by an animal and 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse. For each of these representative animal signs, there are certain tips that should be considered for that year. I was born under the sign of – you guessed it – the Pig.



If you are born in the year of the Pig, there are certain Feng Shui tips available to improve your luck in 2014. In order to completely benefit from the following Feng Shui tips below, make sure your Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig and also see which birth feng shui element is representative for you. Read below as the Feng Shui can help you improve both energy and luck in 2014.


Overall: For people born under the Pig sign, 2014 is a good year. Auspicious energy and lots of good luck await you in this year, as long as you learn how to take advantage of all the opportunities that might come up your way. You need to take care of your energy, though, and do not overwork yourself. Use Feng Shui cures when needed to neutralize any possible negative energy and turn it into a positive force.



Wealth and Career: in 2014, there will be plenty of opportunities available for you and if you take some chances, you will gain more wealth and progress in your career. If needed, you should use the wealth and career progress feng shui cures. This means you should select the Feng Shui cures you feel you need and always trust your intuition.


Love: 2014 comes with good opportunities in the areas of love and relationships. You will be able to attract and keep an important love relationship. In order to grant your success in the Love area, you should choose the appropriate Feng Shui cures that will help you take care of the Southeast area.


Health: This year, you will need to take some time off to refresh yourself. If you do not, you risk exhaustion, losing energy which might lead to missing some good opportunities. Choose the most appropriate Feng Shui health cures for your situation and be careful about the Feng Shui health Trinity at your own home. You also need to make more space for your innermost self. Create your own altar and start a routine meditation practice.


Personal Feng Shui: In 2014, focus on strengthening your energy. If you apply proper attention to Feng Shui, you can improve your energy with a healthy environment and also by using certain crystals. In order to strengthen your energy this year, amethyst, aquamarine, black tourmaline and Celestite can help you. Use them as your personal amulets or choose jewelry that contains these desired crystals.



For the people born under the Pig sign, 2014 is a promising year. It will also be a challenging one in regards to your energy. You will fully benefit from all the opportunities at hand if you take care of your energy instead of exhausting yourself.


If you would like to know more about the Chinese Zodiac and the various Feng Shui cures available, click here. Many people live by these beliefs and have found that there are many truths to the Zodiac profiles.


What animal are you represented by?   Do you believe in the Chinese Zodiac truths?



Miss Piggy’s Wedding and Beauty Tips

Written by Kerri Ponder on March 21st, 2014

Well, not really tips… Miss Piggy has some pretty unique ideas regarding beauty treatments so we aren’t quite sure how she is prepping for the big day. She has been quoted many times regarding her beauty regimen and her answers are always so colorful.



Take these beauty quotes for example…

“Often the only view we have of ourselves is from a mirror or photograph. Due to defection, refaction, conflection and infliction, mirrors always make you look larger in the wrong places. (An important scientist at a big university in a famous place discovered this.) And cameras do lie, because of all kinds of strange optical things and complicated gizmos that break and give you the wrong shortstop or spoil the focus-pocus, and little hairs that get stuck inside and goo on the film.”





“Having a dull hairstyle is like putting an olive on top of a chocolate sundae. It makes your whole appearance unappetizing.”



“It’s a good idea to apply an all-over facial pack once or twice a month, but I never, never use mud. (Frankly, it brings up unpleasant memories.) I recommend my own special facial mousse, a mixture of mocha cooking chocolate, icing sugar, eggs and cream (adjust the proportions to your own taste). The mousse should be beaten with a wooden spatula as if you were frosting a cake. If there’s a little bit left over, it is quite all right to taste a teensy bit.”



Did she accidentally confuse her facial mask with a favorite dessert recipe?




“For the glamorous look, choose plain-looking dining companions.”



“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may become necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”



Gosh, I love her spunk.



Actually, everyone loves Miss Piggy and you know she’d be a superb gal to hang out with. A Girl’s Night would be much more fun, wouldn’t it? Imagine that spunk after throwing back a couple of cosmos. Hmm, that reminds me – Will she be having a hen party before she gets into that amazing Wedding Dress designed by Vivienne Westwood? That could be interesting. have you seen it? It’s as stunning as she is!



She seems to be following her own advice regarding fashion…





“Never let your frog outdress you.”



When asked about this stunning wedding dress and the designer, Miss Piggy said, “ ‘Vivienne Westwood is fabulous – just like moi, When I asked her to design this wedding dress for moi’s new movie, Muppets Most Wanted, she was thrilled and I was thrilled. The only one a bit ‘iffy’ about it was the Frog.”



Kermit the Frog has been ‘a bit iffy’ about a lot of things though ..including his romance and commitment with this French speaking barnyard beauty. If he doesn’t end up getting cold feet, she and Kermy are to tie the knot on screen in the upcoming Muppets m0vie called ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ but it’s anyone’s guess if they will make it through the nuptials.





Rumor has it this takes place at the Tower of London – romantic, yes? The gal’s been waiting for her little green frog prince a long time so fingers are crossed that this one works out well for the unlikely couple. Some Muppet fans were confused about this possible wedding, believing that Kermy and Miss Piggy had already gotten married in the 1984 movie ‘Muppets Take Manhattan’ but Kermit has pointed out that was just a movie they were acting in.



We can literally count down the hours as the ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ hits theaters on March 21st. The movie will feature all of your favorite Muppet characters as well as offerings from Tina Fey, Ty Burrell, Tom Hiddleston, and Ricky Gervais, to name a few.





 Are you heading to the theater this week to see Muppets Most Wanted?

Which Muppet is your favorite character and why? Let’s chat!

Pigs and Pinot 2014

Written by Kerri Ponder on March 15th, 2014

California or Bust for the Ninth Annual Pigs and Pinot Celebration

Pigs and Pinot will be celebrated this year for the ninth time, taking place on March 21-22, 2014, at Hotel Healdsburg in Sonoma County in Northern California. During this Pigs and Pinot weekend celebration, Chef Palmer will host a series of intimate dining and educational events. As part of the celebration, some of the Master Sommeliers and other international celebrity chefs will reveal some of the greatest Pinot Noirs in the world, with perfect pork pairings.

In order to attend the 2014 Celebration of Pigs and Pinot, attendees must buy tickets which became available for purchase on Thursday, January 16th. The tickets and packages available for this pig-tastic event are limited and net proceeds accumulated from the celebration will benefit ‘Share Our Strength Charities and Local Scholarships‘.

At this annual event, the following Chefs will participate: Amanda Freitag, Frank Crispo, Bryan Voltaggio and Philippe Rispoli. For the Gala Dinner, the following Winemakers will attend: Michael Browne – CIRQ, Pierre Emmanuel – Domain Pierre Gelin, Jesse Katz and Bill Foley – Roth/Te Kaiaranga, Tom Rochioli – Rochioli Vineyards & Winery and Mike Weersing – Pyramid Valley Vineyards.

This event begins on Friday with the ‘Taste of Pigs & Pinot’. The Pinot Cup is an annual wine competition in which 60 handpicked pinot noirs compete in a competition of blind-tasting which is held by a world-renowned judging panel. At this event, guests will sample 60 highly praised Pinot Noir wines which are competing in the Pinot Cup competition. In addition to the 60 Pinot Noir, this year’s guests will also be offered two Rosé wines.

With these offered wines, guests will also be served a variety of scrumptious pork dishes which include charcuterie, grilled pork, homemade sausages, pates and other exclusive creations from Chef Palmer and Dustin Valette, Dry Creek Kitchen Chef de Cuisine, guest celebrity chefs and local Healdsburg restaurants.

Saturday, March 22, 2014, brings the Tournament of the Pig which includes Charlie Palmer and Guest Chefs. This event takes places between the hours of 10:30 am and 12:30 am at Relish Culinary Adventures, Healdsburg, and the tickets cost $125.00. Guest chefs attending will be divided into two teams, and given a whole pig. Each team will need to this succulent creature to create two specific dishes, using ingredients they can find at Dry Creek Kitchen. A judging panel will regulate the competition and the audience will get an opportunity to taste the dishes.

Later Saturday, between 1 and 3 pm, the Ultimate Pinot Smackdown will be held. In this event, Master Sommeliers Drew Hendricks, Fred Dame, Keith Goldston, and Michael Jordan will march a wine seminar. Each of the four Master Sommeliers will sell 4 Pinots and only one of them can win the competition.

The Gala Dinner starts Saturday evening at 6:30 – 7 pm and will begin with a Spoonbar’s Swine and Wine Dinner where the guests will be served pork dishes accompanied by two of the Sonoma County’s premier Pinot Noirs. After the dinner, the guests will continue the celebration at Hotel Healdsburg, where they will be served drinks and dessert.

As time winds down with only few days left to make the necessary reservations to participate in the Ninth Annual Pigs & Pinot, tickets have become wait-listed. If you are interested in this palate pleasing event, access the Pigs & Pinot waiting list by filling in your personal information.

Are you one of the lucky guests attending this annual event celebrating two palate pleasers – Pigs and Pinot?  Have you ever been to this event? We would love to hear all the details! Please share them here with us?



Porco Rosso – The Red Pig

Written by Kerri Ponder on March 14th, 2014


The Story of Porco Rosso 

Certainly everyone knows the saying “When Pigs Fly” which is meant to represent something that will never happen, just as pigs will never be able to fly. Well, this is wrong! The Red Pig flies in a Japanese animated film from 1992. Porco Rosso, known as The Red Pig, was originally a cartoon called Kurenai no Buta.

Porco Rosso presents the story of an Italian veteran World War I pilot who now lives his life as a freelance bounty hunter, chasing so-called air pirates over the Adriatic Sea. The initial name of the main character was Marco Pagot but it transformed into Porco Rosso after the character went through an unusual curse that changed him into an anthropomorphic pig.

The story presents Porco Rosso fighting against Austro-Hungarian fighter planes, taking place in the years between World War I and World War II. The entire environment and characters presented in the scenes of this story are inspired from the real world. In the opening sequence of this animated film, Porco can be seen reading a magazine, on which the date 1929 can be seen. The film is placed in the fascist period and Porco Rosso makes a statement in his position as an anti-fascist, which is rather amusing: ”I’d much rather be a pig than a fascist!”

The beginning of this film presents Porco Rosso responding to an alert regarding an attack of airborne pirates on a ferry liner. After Porco Rosso defeats the pirates, he retires to the Hotel Adriano which is run by Gina, Porco Rosso’s long-time friend. The hotel’s restaurant is frequented by pilots and the heads of pirate gangs are introduced to Curtis, who is an arrogant and ambitious American Ace. Curtis falls in love with Gina and he is frustrated to see that Gina has eyes for Porco Rosso.

When Porco Rosso flies to Milan for plane improvements, Curtis follows and shoots him down, claiming he has killed Porco Rosso. Of course, Porco Rosso survives and continues his mission. This is where all of Porco Rosso’s adventures begin. He meets his mechanic, Piccolo, and finds out that Piccolo’s sons have immigrated and engineering is now done by his granddaughter, Fio. When the plane is repaired, Fio asks Porco Rosso to take her with him on his flight home.

On the way home, Porco Rosso and Fio are ambushed by air pirates but Fio saves the situation. Then, Curtis comes on the scene to challenge Porco to a final duel. During that night’s events, Porco Rosso tells the story of an event which happened from World War I. The duel between Porco Rosso and Curtis is arranged for the next day when a large crowd will gather to observe their duel.

The duel begins with a dogfight, which is indecisive, then continues with a bare fist boxing match. Meanwhile, Gina appears and tries to stop their fight, telling them and the crowd that Italian air force has already been alerted and is on the way.

After Gina’s apparition, Porco Rosso wins the fight and asks Gina to take care of Fio. Before Porco Rosso takes off in his plane, Fio gives him a kiss. After all these events, Piccolo becomes an aircraft manufacturer and Fio becomes the company president. Curtis becomes a successful actor and the pirates continue to frequent the Hotel Adriano. In the end, it is suggested that Porco Rosso proposes to Gina.

So if you wish to see an interesting story which will convince you that pigs can fly, Porco Rosso is the perfect choice. The story contains all the adventure and excitement to hold the watcher’s interest and is presented with delightful humor, as animated films usually are. Another cool fact to remember is that Porco Rosso was Japan’s number one grossing film back in 1993.

Have you ever heard of Porco Rosso, the famous Red Pig? Please leave your comments here!