Channel Your Inner Pig Super Hero

Written by Lillian Tram on October 31st, 2012

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So my theory is that growing up, we all wanted to be superheroes. You know the ones – Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. I think that every kid growing up thought about that one special super power that they would like to have, and then started idolizing one or two superheroes who they really could relate to or dreamed of one day becoming.


Of course you KNOW my favorite superheroes had to do with pigs 🙂 I was a fan of Super Pig – or, the better-known Japanese version Tonde Boorin. When I was a kid, I would watch everything I could get my hands on that involved either Super Pig, or his lesser-known superhero buddy, Spider-Ham. Superheroes and pigs all in one? Sign me up!

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How to have a healthy, well-adjusted pet pig.

Written by Lillian Tram on October 29th, 2012

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Pigs are very social – more social, in fact, than most people expect or are ready for – so if you’re planning on getting a new pet and are thinking about adopting a pig, you’re sure in for some fun!


In a lot of ways, pigs can be somewhat similar to dogs in that they are trained and respond better when you are a clear leader and master of them, or else they end up spoiled, poorly behaved, and in some cases, aggressive. A good idea to consider at the start is getting two pigs instead of just one, as their social nature and energy needs will allow them to keep each other company and have fun.

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My Pig Me Up’s One-Year Anniversary…A Porkin’ Good Time!

Written by Lillian Tram on October 27th, 2012


About two weeks ago, My Pig Me Up had our one-year blog anniversary! I’m amazed that it’s been a year already, but hey, what better way to celebrate than a party, right? And that’s just what we did!


To celebrate our one year anniversary of My Pig Me up, we went all in – Kevin aka House Chef DJ’d the event, playing electro and progressive house music, and Pheen-X Blaze, representing Twin Spin Entertainment Music Group, made an appearance to get the party going!



We also had a “Who’s The Boss Hog?” Scavenger Hunt, with the winners receiving an amazing pork prize by Sweet Auburn BBQ – a $250 catered party for up to 20 people! Sweet Auburn didn’t stop there; they gave out a ton of gift certificates, drinks, and prizes for the folks in attendance – I really appreciate their support and love for our blog!


Congratulations to the “Who’s The Boss Hog?” Scavenger Hunt winners.

Ms. Cori Burns won best dressed.


We had the event at Atlanta Food Truck Park. Guys, if you’re in Atlanta and haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?! This place is awesome – the food is amazing, the choices are great, the energy is high, the mood is fun. If you’re looking for some really good food (from a truck!) AFTP is the place to be. Also, I have to give thanks to Sony Music for providing goodie bags.


A PIG shout out to all the volunteers for your help and hard work – Kristin, Annie, Jill, Lee, Kim, Howard, Ming, Serena, Yen, David, Hieu, Kevin, Paul, Cori, Allen, Thuy, AJ, Julian, Anh Dao, Helen, and Shannon.


There was a ton of free stuff for the 350 people who showed up – plus, did we mention the free drinks? You’re welcome 🙂 Way too much good (bad?) dancing got us through the night, including an impromptu Gangnam Style remix that proves I will never get a job as a professional dancer in the future!



Big thanks to the Crawfish Shack, who donated ten $10 gift certificates for the event. So the next time you guys don’t want pork or bacon, the Crawfish Shack is the place to be – I really appreciate their support of My Pig Me Up!


Pixel 99 Photography also came through big time, and we had a ton of fun with their photo booth at the event. All the girls had pigtails and you know I was wearing my favorite t-shirt! I made a bunch of pig noses, mustaches, and signs by hands, and they were a huge hit! The photos came out great and I loved to see all of you guys using the props. Photobooth pix of My Pig Me Up are available in the photo album and the FB Fanpage.


More than 350 people showed up for our anniversary event, which means a lot to me because it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come and how well you all have responded in just one year!


I really appreciate not only all the amazing companies and people who helped make the anniversary happen, but also YOU! My Pig Me Up wouldn’t work without your love and support, and I’m floored that you guys have shown us so much love. It makes me pretty oinkin’ happy to know we’ve had one amazing year, and looking forward to the future to keep hammin’ it up!

It’s Time For Ham-o-ween! Who’s Got a Scary Piggin’ Costume?

Written by Lillian Tram on October 24th, 2012

There’s a lot of stuff going on this October, including our one-year anniversary a couple weeks ago. I turn around, and BAM! Halloween!


This is one of my favorite holidays, and for good reason. It’s the perfect day of the year to accessorize with porkin’ great ideas and costumes – and I would know!


Last year, I went to Halloween as a Ninja Pig. Yeah, that’s right, a ninja pig! Now you see me… now you don’t! You know I had to deck out my costume with curly pigtails, and of course a bright pink pig nose. Because every good pig ninja dresses in all black to hide while its stalking people, only to rock the bright pink pig nose, too! 😉


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What you need to know about the bacon shortage.

Written by Lillian Tram on October 13th, 2012

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So you may have heard about it , there’s a bacon shortage out there! Just a few months from now, there will be no more bacon in all of America, and all you bacon lovers are completely out of luck when it comes to bacon and ham!




Well… no.


There are changes coming up in the pork industry, but there’s no shortage that will turn into scarcity or anything worse. So for all you worried pork lovers out there, that European study released this summer was wrong; we are not facing a complete pork shortage and we will not stop selling pork in the next few months. Quite the opposite will take place, in fact.


However, all is not well in the land of pork. There’s a serious drought happening in America right now, and while there won’t be a bacon shortage, prices of bacon and pork products are going to rise pretty substantially in the next year, perhaps by as much as ten percent.

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Hey all you cool pork, bacon, and food lovers! It’s party time for My Pig Me Up Blog’s One Year Anniversary celebration!


Join us for food, games, prizes, live music, and a photo booth. Additional swag and gift certificates will be given out for best pig costume as well! And of course…there will be limited FREE ALCOHOL [Too much to drink and you’ll be kindly removed by big piggies!]. For the non-drinkers, there will be free organic strawberry lemonade.


Come early to grab your goodie bag from Sony Music AND your free drink. Be sure to sign up with your old and new friends to team up for the “Who’s the Boss Hog?” scavenger hunt! The winning team gets a succulent pork prize by Sweet Auburn BBQ – a catered party for up to 20 people, a $250 value!


Ladies, be fun and put your hair in pigtails for the event.

Can’t wait to Pig Out with everyone! Oink, Oink!!!