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Channel Your Inner Pig Super Hero

Channel Your Inner Pig Super Hero

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So my theory is that growing up, we all wanted to be superheroes. You know the ones – Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. I think that every kid growing up thought about that one special super power that they would like to have, and then started idolizing one or two superheroes who they really could relate to or dreamed of one day becoming.


Of course you KNOW my favorite superheroes had to do with pigs 🙂 I was a fan of Super Pig – or, the better-known Japanese version Tonde Boorin. When I was a kid, I would watch everything I could get my hands on that involved either Super Pig, or his lesser-known superhero buddy, Spider-Ham. Superheroes and pigs all in one? Sign me up!


They used to air the show on FOX back in the late 1990s, and it was PERFECT for my Saturday morning fix of cartoons and cereal. Unfortunately, the show didn’t last that long, but I watched that show like my life depended on it growing up until they took it off the air!


I realized that while I may never be a super hero myself, nothing is stopping me from pretending my way to super powers. So, that’s just what I did! Had a drawing of myself as a superhero with a couple of piggy sidekicks. I can feel the powers welling up inside me already!



Speaking of powers, I love thinking about what I’d pick if I could only have one superpower. For me, I think it’d be amazing to have super photographic memory. Think about it (literally!) – everything that you see or read would stay with you forever, immediately after you read it. You could learn all sorts of languages, and you could remember everything you ever read. You’d be unstoppable! That’s definitely my choice.


Oh, and I’d also like to kick ass. You know, punish the bad guys and work for the good guys, like any good super hero should! There aren’t enough female superheroes anyways, so I’d have to make a name for myself being the best one, kicking ass and taking names, all with my piggy sidekicks hanging along with me! I smell a new Saturday morning cartoon…


Anyways, one thing I’m interested in hearing – what’s YOUR favorite super hero? If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be? Would you fly? Have x-ray vision? Or go for the super memory like me? Let me know in the comments section!

  • Kamala
    Posted at 17:52h, 01 November Reply

    I LOVE super heroes! My favorite are the ninja turtles lol. However I love your Sipser Pig! Wasn’t there a Simpsons episode with a spider pig? Lol. Anyway if I had powers, I’d transform into other people or animals. That would be the coolest thing ever.

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 20:20h, 01 November Reply

      Yes, Spider Pig was on the Simpsons. Too bad he didn’t have any real powers lol.

  • Desi Rose
    Posted at 19:24h, 01 November Reply

    This is the perfect post for Halloween! Super heroes are obviously awesome. I’m a fan of Captain America and The Hulk but that’s just me ;). If I had a power, I’d love to turn invisible or teleport :).

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 11:43h, 03 November Reply

      Captain America is one of my favorites too. I’ve seen the movie four times. The last time I saw it was at Atlantic Station on the grass with a huge projection screen. Those are cool powers to have.

  • Linda Johnson
    Posted at 20:23h, 02 November Reply

    I LOVE the images you have here! Did you create them yourself (the pigs one in particular)? That is cool. As for Super Heroes, I’m not really a super hero kinda gal, but I really looove Big Bang Theory (the tv show lol) so I know all about Comic Con and super heroes. If I HAD a super power, I’d love to have powers to fly, teleport, clean the house or get things done just by imagining it lol, or using mind control to get my kids to go to bed or clean up their mess when they refuse :). You have the most fun blog I’ve ever visited btw! Love it.

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 11:18h, 03 November Reply

      Thanks Linda. I’m glad you think my blog is fun. I love the show Big Bang Theory…my favorite character is Amy. My friend, whom is an amazing artist, drew both the Spider-Ham and the super-hero version of me. If you’re interested, you can contact me at and I’ll be happy to give you his information.

  • Dave Wong
    Posted at 21:40h, 03 November Reply

    I’m not into being any superhero, however , If I could have any power, I think I would like to have memory power too. I think I’m just bad a remembering names and things. That would definitely impress some people and the knowledge thing is great too! And if I can have another one, I would love to fly and see the world. I often dream about this when I was a kid. I’d be soaring the sky, leaping up as high as I can and feeling the air in my fingers. It’s awesome!

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 11:13h, 05 November Reply

      Seems like a very good dream. When I dream about flying, it’s always flying away from the bad guys but yet I can never fly high enough. I feel like they could yank me from the air at any point. They have theories about dreams. I wonder how they would interpret that dream of mine.

  • Gina Mohr
    Posted at 12:22h, 04 November Reply

    Yeah I’m not so much into being a superhero either… I’m not the type who likes to rush in and save the day or anything lol. What I would like are just a few powers like maybe being able to clone myself… maybe the ability to transform into someone else… I guess you could say I’m kind of a prankster lol.

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 11:07h, 05 November Reply

      You sound like one of my cousins. He’s constantly joking and coming up with different pranks. You guys would make a great pranking team.

  • Davey
    Posted at 15:58h, 04 November Reply

    If I could have one super power it would be to super energy and never be tired lol!! That way I could spend all day helping people in need and never need sleep. Super Davey to the rescue.

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 10:49h, 05 November Reply

      Having super energy would be great. I could imagine all the things I would accomplish throughout the day.

  • Alex Nmenski
    Posted at 00:07h, 20 November Reply

    I’d have the ability to clone myself so I didn’t have to call in sick from work when I wanted a day off. I hate calling in sick. Blah. I’d just get a clone to go in for me, or we’d switch days. But then again, a clone isn’t really a super power. So in that case, I’ll take the super energy or just moving at incredible speeds :).

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 01:47h, 20 November Reply

      Incredible speed would be very useful.

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