Because You Are…A Pig!

Written by Samuel Reyes on March 10th, 2013


Because you are….a pig! Enjoy this weeks comic strip.

New York Is Cracking Down On Pet Pigs!

Written by Lillian Tram on March 8th, 2013


I don’t know if New York City needs the money, or if there’s really something going on here, but thankfully a state senator is working hard to overturn a law that is giving pet pig owners tickets and citations for their furry little creatures!


The Health Department in NYC has been cracking down on people with their pet pigs, and unfortunately it seems that the department and the government may not understand just what they have on their hands with these pet pigs. They’re not mean, they’re not aggressive, and they aren’t dirty – pet pigs are (usually, with good owners) well maintained, loved, cared for, healthy, and good-natured.


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A Disabled Pig Who Gets By With A Little Help!

Written by Lillian Tram on March 6th, 2013


Meet Chris P. Bacon, the coolest little disabled pig on the block. See, Mr. Bacon was born without the use of his hind legs, so he was given this genius little contraption to get him around and moving again, and get him going on his way with a little wheelchair cart to explore the world!


The pig’s previous owners had taken him to the veterinarian in Florida to put him down, since they just kind of assumed that there wouldn’t be anything they could do and there was no way to allow the pig to live a positive, healthy quality of life with only his two front legs.


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Cote de Porc Normand

Written by Cookin Bill on March 1st, 2013


Most people have heard of the region of Normandy in France. In history, it is well known for the D-Day invasion in World War II. However, many people do not realize that Normandy is rich in gastronomical history and has many wonderful food products from the region.


The former duchy of Normandy is administratively divided into two parts. Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy are the two regions. Upper Normandy is primarily an industrial area and is gastronomically tied to the sea because it faces the English Channel. Lower Normandy is inland and is primarily an agricultural area famous for its farms and orchards. Read more »