Mypigmeup | Plumping Pigs with Pot Plants
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Plumping Pigs with Pot Plants

Plumping Pigs with Pot Plants


Recent news has shocked the world of pork lovers, as well as the members and fans of, regarding a new trend in pig feeding. According to a local longtime vendor at Seattle’s Pike Place market known as Bucking Boars Ranch has started to sell meat from pigs that have been plumped with marijuana plants.


The explanation coming from Bucking Boars Ranch explained that since pot is legal in Washington State, medicinal marijuana farmers don’t know what to do with the parts of marijuana that aren’t good for pot. Hence, the pork purveyor has come up with the idea to start feeding their hogs on pot: “It turns out that all those useless stems, root bulbs and oversized leaves are great feed for pigs”.


Hence, their pigs are fed marijuana from Top Shelf Organic and their marijuana waste donation. From an economical point of view, the trade seems fair, since this cooperative act works for both parties. Moreover, BB Ranch owner William von Schneidau told Seattle’s KOMO that, I quote “All we’re trying to do is to help the local ranchers and to figure out some ways to shorten the carbon footprint”.


They also stated that pork meat from potted pigs tastes savory. The scariest thing is that, 66.57% of the poll on answered positively to the question “Would you try pot-fed pork?” So, thinks can look OK at first but did anybody asked the pigs about this? What next? Don’t they get a buzz?


Although pot is legal in the state of Washington it doesn’t mean this is a right thing to do. We all know that pigs eat everything you give them, no buts and maybes, but when it comes to feeding them hallucinogenic plants the question is where do you draw the line between what is right and what is ethical?



Will we enjoy better meat quality or higher nutritional pork meals due to pot feeding? Will the pigs enjoy a better quality life before slaughter?


Since there is no research done on the effects of eating marijuana waste on pigs, then we should not haste and agree with this bizarre solution for raising pigs. In the end, the most concerning thing for a pork purveyor are the costs of production and the profit. Apart from this, think about what damage pot pork can do for you.



Have you considered taking a UA lately? Or does your lifestyle and profession prohibits the consumption of hallucinogenic plants? Then you may think twice before tasting the ‘savory’ pot pork yourself. On the other side, are pigs meant to feast on marijuana plants only? Doesn’t their diet imply a little bit of protein and other nutrients as well?


According to researchers, they do. Meanwhile, we stand against pigs being plumped on pot plants because of health as well as ethical issues. What is your stand regarding the matter?

  • Barry Blackpig
    Posted at 21:17h, 30 July Reply

    Hmmm….not good!!
    Marijuana is illegal so many places because it is bad for humans so why would it be considered ok to give to pigs?
    We are not a dumping ground for all waste products, you know, and require a balanced, considered diet to perform at our best.
    And, we know how to have fun without drugs 🙂

    • beatriz
      Posted at 20:34h, 14 September Reply

      You can sort of consider it feeding the pigs green though. At least it’s a plant. 🙂

  • Susannah Gross
    Posted at 23:06h, 12 August Reply

    I completely agree with the author’s opinion on hog diet (I’m sure she is VERY educated on the subject)!
    We are a small family run farm in Snohomish, WA.
    Our hogs are fed a specific diet of local distillery wheat mash and local brewery grains, with added custom supplement, to fill in the nutrtional “gaps”. We don’t feed rotten food, rotten produce, or any “spoils” to our hogs, and Im sure author would be shocked at how common this practice is. Our breeders do get treats, a delicious crate of tomatoes, fresh carrot tops, and rarely a donut or two.
    The few pot hogs we do have are fed the same, with the extra supplement of “leftover” medicinal marijauna plants. These ” leftovers” have been compressed through an extractor to get as much of the good stuff out as possible. This good stuff is then made into human medical marijauna patient “treats”, brownies, cookies, candies. The remaining scraps only have some medicinal qualities, cannibinoids.
    The cannibinoid chemical is only known to cause lowered blood pressure and overall relaxation. Ever ate a Tylenol or Advil?
    My guess is that our hogs have a healthier diet than myself. How about you?

    Overall, I’m sure

    • Darian Fox
      Posted at 15:28h, 14 September Reply

      For clarity, if we remove all the debate about animal treatment and whatnot, and focus SOLELY on the food source, this *IS* a very “green” (no pun intended) way to feed animals. In the same way that hemp is a more sustainable option for paper and building materials than wood. More sustainable for clothing than cotton and how hemp oil healthier for humans to consume than say, corn oil. Hemp, and marijuana grow rapidly and do not require crop rotation, because they do not deplete the soil of all it’s nutrients. There’s a laundry list of good reasons to use hemp and/or marijuana beyond the marketing aspect. And while this may even be simply about marketing, and finding a way to charge SIXTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS A POUND for bacon and chops, it does not make it any less of a “better” feed solution.

  • Celeron Guy
    Posted at 12:12h, 23 August Reply

    I would hope that any pork I eat was fed a healthy diet. I don’t care about marijuana plants or any kind of plants, but when they are eating animal waste and cement… that’s where I kind of draw the line.

  • Annalise loves piggies!
    Posted at 14:13h, 02 September Reply

    I have never heard that people feed marijuana to pigs… the idea of that is so foreign to me. Isn’t that expensive food? hehe

  • Kay_Janay90
    Posted at 14:10h, 08 September Reply

    Pigs are a great way to get rid of all kinds of food waste and plant waste. They convert it into delicious meat and their manure can be composted for “dressing” for the soil. “Dressing is the old fashioned Maine word for manure: the old time farmers spread manure on their fields and called it dressing their fields.

  • Urijah F.
    Posted at 14:18h, 08 September Reply

    I know a great farmer who uses his pigs to clear his land, they root it all up, eat all the roots etc. and leave it ready for planting the next year. And while they are doing all that they fertilize it. I like thinking of pigs rooting around and finding stuff to eat. It’s what wild pigs do.

  • Sam
    Posted at 14:41h, 08 September Reply

    I didn’t realize marijuana WASTE would cost so much that they’d have to hike the price up that high.

  • Katie Loewen
    Posted at 22:39h, 10 September Reply

    The pot plant, like hemp, is high (pardon the pun) in Omega-3s. Possibly pork that is not as bad for you.

  • Demyan K.
    Posted at 15:23h, 14 September Reply

    So this was originally a flavor experiment? Why didn’t they feed them pineapples and honey?

  • toby
    Posted at 15:27h, 14 September Reply

    You know what I think? I think its just a marketing ploy for a bunch of hipster, foodies who have nothing else to excite them, unless of course that pound of chops comes with a free can of mustache wax!

    • Jessie
      Posted at 21:12h, 14 September Reply

      it very well could be… I mean you would think that pot is too expensive to waste on pigs.

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