Christmas Message!

Written by Lillian Tram on December 24th, 2013

Peppermint Pig – a Delightful Christmas Tradition

Written by Lillian Tram on December 17th, 2013


Pigs are delicious as bacon or pork chops but have you ever thought they could also taste sweet and look like candy? They can with this tradition which uses sweet pigs made of Holiday candy! The Peppermint Pig is a popular Christmas tradition in which a pig made of peppermint candy is passed around the dinner table and all of the participants must use a hammer (imagine a small kitchen hammer such as a meat tenderizer, not the hammer your husband or dad carries in his toolbox) in order to break a piece from the candy pig, eat it and then pass the pig and the hammer over to the next person.


The pig represents good fortune, prosperity and good health. In the Victorian days, pigs were treated as good luck charms. And so they passed this belief to us who now celebrate this as a sweet Christmas tradition. The Peppermint Pig tradition is very old, beginning somewhere in 1880’s, in Saratoga Springs NY. It is a fun tradition that will bring joy and happiness to all of the participants to a dinner where these sweet and satisfying Peppermint Pigs are served. The Peppermint Pig is made of pink, solid candy, very similar to candy canes. It is delicious and can also bring lot of entertainment and conversation to the dinner table on Christmas evening.


You can buy a Peppermint Pig from many stores, but if you wish to make this tradition even more fun and interesting, try crafting a Holiday Peppermint Pig on your own. You will enjoy all the fun of this tradition from the manufacturing of the pig to the ‘beating and eating.’ In order to create a Peppermint Pig in your own kitchen, you should buy some candy canes and, of course, a pig shaped cookie cutter.



You will begin by smashing the candy canes – you will now discover the fun of smashing objects and this can help you on your mood boost! Then, you will put all of the smashed pieces inside the oiled cookie cutter lying on a cookie sheet over parchment paper and put it in the pre-heated oven to bake it. You will need to pay attention to it as it melts to get the desired color and texture from it – you wouldn’t want your Holiday pig to look more brownish than pink!


When it gets to the color you wish, pull it from the oven and allow it to cool completely before removing the handmade Peppermint Pig from the cookie cutter. You may decide to make more than one Peppermint Pig which will allow you to give some away as gifts. For gifts, you will put the piggy in a plastic, transparent bag and add a festive bow with a tag describing the Holiday tradition.



This sweet pig will add to the pleasure of everyone’s Holiday experience. Children will especially love this old tradition. Whether homemade or store bought, the Peppermint Pig can bring smiles and laughter to your Christmas dinner table. Your family will be highly entertained, elevating your moods even before you get to taste the delicious, sweet Peppermint porker!

I have a feeling that breaking the candy pig could be a real Holiday stress reliever… what do you think?

Ten Christmas Piggy Gifts Under $10

Written by Lillian Tram on December 9th, 2013

Are you looking for some great piggy Christmas gifts for those you hold dear to your heart?  It is always a difficult task to find unique and usable gifts for everyone within your budget. They will squeal with delight when they find these special gifts under the tree this year and best of all, these pink piggy finds are all under $10.00.


 When Pigs Fly Ornament and Necklace Set   $9.72

Normally priced at $12.00, this attractive set features a Pewter flying pig ornament adorned with pink glitter wings and the hand silk-screened message that reads “When pigs fly” and a matching flying pig necklace with earring set. Made in the USA of high quality Pewter, this adorable set offers a great value and is sure to stir up some stimulating conversation at any Christmas celebration. Surprisingly, this boutique quality item can be found at Kmart.


Hand Held LED Flash Light $7.52

 Anyone on your Christmas list would benefit from one of these Hand Held LED Flash Lights. Perfect for children or adults, these are not only brightly colored but the light these little pigs provide is pretty bright too. These little Flash Lights will come in handy all year long and are the perfect size to hang from your purse or key ring. These little piggies will offer lots of help to the loved ones on your Christmas list.

Joie Piggy Wiggy Timer $8.13

 Perfect for anyone who loves to cook or bake, this little Joie Piggy Wiggy Timer will help prevent overcooking those special Holiday dishes. Just a simple twist of this piggy’s round body will set him to go off when the time is right. Available at Amazon, you can easily personalize this gift by adding some cookie mix and beater with a festive bow attached.

Charcoal Companion Pig Corn Holders $9.33

 This adorable eight piece Charcoal Companion Pig Corn Holders will add some serious fun any night you serve some corn on the cob. Each set of two corn holders equals four helpful little pigs, making the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who adores piggies. Made of poly-resin and stainless steel, the prongs will easily attach to the cob so you can enjoy your corn with lots of butter. These little pigs will certainly add to the dinner conversation.


Bobblehead Pig Bottle Stopper $8.95

Want a unique Christmas gift that your loved one can put to use immediately? This adorable little piggy will keep all the Holiday beverages safe while you party the night away. Made of iron, the Bobblehead Pig Bottle Stopper will add fun and function for a combination that equals a truly awesome Christmas gift idea. This gift will make an even bigger splash when you give this bottle stopper with a great bottle of wine. Who wouldn’t want to invite this cute little piggy to a fun Holiday party?


Flying Pig Mug $6.48

This Flying Pig Mug from Pier1 Imports is an adorable find for anyone who loves pink piggies and at this price, consider purchasing several to fill with Christmas candies or gourmet coffee and tea varieties for a truly festive gift. Tie a Christmas bow around the goodies and place in this dishwasher safe mug. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive such an awesome gift?


Rubber Pig Coin Purse $4.75

The Rubber Pig Coin Purse from Claire’s has to be one of the cutest ways to store change that I have ever seen. This little pink piggy offers the perfect solution for all of that spare change lying around in the bottom of your purse or in the car. This adorable little change purse is perfect for any age and will make Holiday giving a much simpler task.


Cute Pink Pig Rainbow Stripes Luggage Tag $9.50

Anyone who travels will recognize what a great help this Cute Pink Pig Rainbow Stripes Luggage Tag could be during Holiday travel. All luggage sets can look the same when traveling via bus or plane, making it difficult to spot your suitcase in a crowd. This brightly colored piggy will protect your personal belongings to help prevent them from being lost. Personalize these however you like and give them to the travelers on your Christmas list. Holidays without lost luggage are the best ones of all!

Fosmon 3D Pink Pig Silicone Protector Case $4.95

If you carry an Apple iPhone 4 or 4s, you are in luck because this Fosmon 3D Pink Pig Silicone Protector Case is super cheap and oh so cute! This handy rubber case will protect your phone from damage and give you something to smile about. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the iPhone owner on your piggy loving Christmas list.


PIG Crystal Necklace in Piggy in a Dress Gift Box $9.99

This adorable sixteen inch PIG Crystal Necklace is as delightful as the adorable Piggy in a Dress Gift Box it will arrive in. Perfect for any young lady on your Christmas list, this whimsical set will bring much joy and laughter to its new owner as she discovers the love of this pink piggy.