Four Fabulous Valentine Gift Ideas & Themes for Her

Written by Lillian Tram on January 29th, 2014

Pigs Can Be Romantic too!

While it is still weeks away, Valentine’s Day quickly approaches. Sure, candy and flowers are a safe bet but why not give her something that really stands out? Be brave. Take a chance. You should begin planning your Valentine’s Day strategy now rather than wait until the last minute when all the great gifts are gone.


Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a girlfriend or wife who adores piggys as much as we do! If so, you are going to love this list of great gift ideas that will really make her night and keep you out of the dog house. Our list of gift ideas are affordable and adorable so choose your favorite idea and create a magical evening with the one that makes you as happy as a pig eating slop! With each item on this list, you will find some great ideas that will make these gifts even more amazing.


Piggy Paint Set of Three $20


Here is a wonderful gift idea to spoil the lady in your life. This Piggy Paint Set is a wonderful way to tell her how much you appreciate all that she does. These three fun colors of nail polish offer unlimited options and make her feel beautiful. Another great feature of this great gift idea is that it is suitable for all ages.


I recommend doing a little homework by finding out where her favorite salon is located. purchasing a gift certificate to her favorite beauty or nail salon for any service of her choosing. A happy woman is a woman who feels pretty and pampered.


Singing Plush Cupig Shuffle


Whether she loves to dance or not, your special lady will love this wonderful Singing Plush Cupig Shuffle Gift from Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. The Cupid Shuffle is a popular song with an unforgettable beat that really fills the dance floor. This techno plush pink piggy shuffles, shakes his plump, protruding belly, and sings a catchy excerpt of this hit. Her heart will melt and it will be one of her favorite Valentine’s Day for years to come. Hallmark has a great deal on this little piggy – $32.95 or $15.95 with the purchase of three greeting cards. This is another gift that will please nearly any age group.


I recommend gifting this item to your special gal on a Valentine’s Day evening date of dinner and dancing, or drinks at your favorite pub. Shock her by learning all the moves to “The Cupid Shuffle” and it will be a night she will never forget, leaving behind a lasting smile and fond memories. A great learning video can be found here:


Just For Fun Piggy Foot Spa Gift Set


This Valentine’s Day, treat her overworked feet to the pampering and splendor of this Just for Fun Piggy Foot Spa Gift Set by Spa Sister Gift Essentials. For only $34.00, this slipper set includes soft, shaggy animal slippers, an exfoliating foot scrub, deeply nourishing foot butter, a premium nail File, and deluxe comfort toe separators. When your feet feel rejuvenated, your day is a little better.


I would highly recommend purchasing a gift certificate which will treat her to a deeply relaxing massage or a special spa day. A good alternative to this plan would be to select a beautiful matching bathrobe like this plush pink terry cloth short robe available on sale now for only $39.50 at Victoria Secret.


Flying Pig Glass Margarita Gift Set


Sometimes, a girl just needs a margarita night to distress and have some fun and what better way to unwind than with this adorable hand-painted Flying Pig Glass Margarita Gift Set. This beautiful glassware is only $33.00 and can be personalized with your leading lady’s name right on the base.  Artist Carla Tyree offers this adorable piggy on a cloud design on your choice of glassware so you can choose a pilsner, wine, champagne flute, or pint glass – whatever your lovely lady prefers. All paint is baked onto the outer glass for durability and can be washed by hand for best results.


Pair this beautiful set with her favorite liquor, wine, or brew and plan a fun evening of drinks and laughs. Secure a hotel room or vacation rental with an indoor hot tub for a Valentine’s Day neither of you will soon forget.


Hopefully, one of the above ideas and themes will appeal to you this Valentine’s Day. Please comment if you have an idea to add to the ones listed above and do have a wonderful holiday with someone dear to your heart!



Hello to all my fellow pig & pork lovers. My name is David and I will be contributing to the MyPigMeUp blog weekly with post about technology & science that involves pigs.  Just so you have a little background about me, I am in the IT field, I also enjoy learning about technology and how it involves us in this world.  With that in mind, hope you will enjoy my first blog post of the week.


       Could humans be a mixed hybrid of pigs and chimps mating?


Based off a article found at It’s believed that humans came from a mix of a pig and a chimp mating over time. Hard to believe this theory could be true or not? Based off results from Geneticist Eugene McCarthy it is a very possible scenario that we take certain aspects of pigs. For example, our skin and organs microstructure issimilar. No wonder I feel a uncanny love for pigs then. Then just like the little oinkers I never had.


Then on top of that we have taken certain living habits over there mating. Like the chimps raised several pigs and they took on the cultural habits of those chimps. So just think how some of those animalistic tendencies could have been passed down to the human species. Just how we like to sit on the couch and ponder our thoughts. Last time I checked pigs and chimps do the same exact thing.


Take the article for what is worth it validates some possibilities of how humans become what they are today. One hypothesis says we mated and from there the genetics created different humanoids and other species of animals as well.


Hope you found the first article about how humans and pigs share so many unique qualities with one another. With great geneticist out in the field today who knows what will be shown in the future. Who knows maybe there a pig out there that looks just like you. Literally the possibilities with science are endless. Until next time your friendly technology pig blogger David Holtzclaw and may all your piggy dreams come true.




Happy New Year and all That Hog Jowl!

Written by Lillian Tram on January 6th, 2014

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In the South, we have a scrumptious New Year’s tradition for your enjoyment and consideration to which we owe the pig some big thanks. Perhaps you have never heard of hog jowl but it is something we eat every New Year’s Day. Similar to bacon but thicker and substantially more coarse, hog jowl is believed to bring good luck to all who consume it on this day.


Hog jowl is a tough cut of meat from the “cheek” of the hog. Typically, this cut of meat is best when smoked, cured, and fried like bacon. Hog jowl can also be used when seasoning beans, peas, and greens for a divine flavor that’s hard to turn down.


For New Year’s Day, hog jowls are traditionally fried and eaten to promote health, prosperity, and success. Those of us who live in the South are not alone in our New Year’s Day beliefs. All over the world, people celebrate the beginning of a New Year with pork. Germany is known for creating marzipan pigs for centerpieces and for giving to neighbors. Austria natives enjoy dining on pig’s feet, pork sausage, roast suckling pig, or pork dumplings.


Pigs: the Symbol of Health and Wealth

Pigs have always been symbolic of health and wealth in the South as owning a hog could mean a family’s survival for the entire winter. The fatty meat which pigs provide can help to create a significant source of food for those who are not wealthy. In times past, having pork in one’s possession would mean the difference between life and death for some poor Southern families.


Pigs: the Symbol of Success

Throughout history, pigs have also symbolized success and progress. There is a superstition that because pigs cannot turn their heads to look back, they are always looking to the future which makes them a perfect fit for many New Year’s Day celebrations.


But Why the Tough Cut of Hog Jowls?

This can be answered quite easily – because it is winter time. Because Hog Jowl is a cut that can be cured and stored for a long period of time, it becomes the perfect choice for our New Year’s Day spread. Another reason to choose hog jowl is the added benefit of seasoning those black-eyed peas and greens which we also consider good luck to consume on this special day.


How to Buy Hog Jowl

Hog Jowl is usually packaged just like thick-sliced bacon or on the rind. Cooks remove the rind and slice the jowl before frying it on both sides in a skillet. Drain the fried meat on a paper towel and serve it with the rest of your holiday feast. A good condiment to have available is Tobasco sauce or hot sauce.


How to Cook Hog Jowl

Cooking hog jowl is amazingly simple as it can be cooked exactly like bacon. Season your black-eyed peas and collard greens just as you would with bacon pieces. Southerners like my Mother would say that isn’t enough hog jowl to bring prosperity. You would need to also fry some hog jowl up to eat as well. Because it is a tougher cut, you will have to fry it longer than you would bacon. Deep frying is recommended for the best flavor. In the South, we have deep fried almost everything at one time or another.


Don’t Feel Bad for Pigging Out on New Year’s Day

Through the ages, hogs and pigs have been a symbol of both positive and negative proportions through the aspects of prosperity and gluttony. Some say they are “being a pig” when they eat more than they feel they should have while other cultures have traditions that imply the more pig consumed on New Year’s Day, the more money will come to you in the coming year. For those of us who simply love food, this is great news. Now we have a great reason to return to the table for seconds.


From our Home to Yours,

May You Have a Prosperous and Pig-tastic New Year!