7 Healthy Facts about Bacon

Written by Lillian Tram on February 4th, 2015


Seven Surprising Health Facts about Bacon



For years, we have consistently been reminded of the various unhealthy attributes of bacon: the saturated fat, cholesterol and so forth. Just for the sake of argument, the time has come to hear Bacon’s side of the story. The fact is this: There is no way that something so delightful and delicious can be entirely bad. Bacon actually has many nutritious attributes that make for healthy living.


1. Protein Power

Bacon actually contains highly valuable protein that is essential for maintaining a healthy, functioning body, with a minimal amount of those nasty carbohydrates that everyone hates.


2. Blood Balancing Power

Several studies have shown that moderate amounts of bacon in one’s diet can help to naturally lower blood sugar levels and the body’s blood pressure. This helps to prevent heart attacks, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


3. Fat Flushing Power

Contrary to the horror stories that we have been told for years about the harmful fatty content of bacon, there is actually evidence to show that the opposite is true. Bacon’s high protein, low carb content can actually help the body lose weight, as well as increase one’s metabolism to help build stronger, leaner muscles.

In fact, many popular cuts of chicken and beef contain more total fat, cholesterol and saturated fat, than bacon. In comparison with fish, while fish may have less cholesterol and fat, it lacks the protein of bacon and contains potentially harmful toxins such as mercury.


4. Brain Power

University studies have shown that an essential nutrient found in bacon, known as “choline,” can actually help to increase memory and intelligence. From birth to old age, this nutrient has been shown to help alleviate the debilitating effects of chronic mental impairments and Alzheimer’s disease.


5. Vitamins & Minerals

Contrary to popular belief, bacon is actually chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary to fully functioning and healthy bodies. Bacon provides 65% of daily recommended dosage of vitamin B1, 47% of vitamin B3, 38% of vitamin B12, 36% of zinc, 24% of vitamin B6, 22% of vitamin B2, 22% of phosphorus, 10% of Pantothenate, 10% of magnesium and 9% of iron. That is not to mention that Bacon actually has a 4 to 1 balance of protein to fat.


6. Mood Enhancing

We all know how satisfying and delicious bacon is, but did you know that it has actually been proven to have mood enhancing effects? The content of bacon actually effects certain neuro-transmitters in the brain that trigger the feelings of satisfaction and happiness while relieving the negative effects of self-deprivation and frustration.


7. Nitrites & Nitrates

It is true that nitrates and nitrites are unhealthy, however, what bacon-haters often fail to mention is the fact that they are easily avoidable by: 1) Baking instead of frying your bacon. 2) Avoiding charring, burning or overcooking your bacon. 3) Cooking bacon in the microwave.


Despite those who oppose bacon, bacon-lovers have not been deterred. Bacon actually does have many beneficial properties that can lead to positive health effects. Now, gorging on bacon all day every day is not recommended, there is nothing wrong with including moderate amounts of healthy and delicious bacon in you.

The world is a wonderful place if bacon is truly healthy! Don’t you think?