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Delicious Bacon Stuffed Avocados Recipe

Delicious Bacon Stuffed Avocados Recipe

Have you been asking yourself what’s better than bacon while planning a special meal? Honestly, I don’t think there are many flavors to trump bacon, except for maybe chocolate …nah, I still say bacon is numero uno. If meal times are often boring because of the same ole side dishes, you need some vegetable recipes inspired by delicious bacon!
Imagine: what if every meal included the taste of bacon! It is possible, you know… when you have great bacon side dish recipes such as this delicious Bacon Stuffed Avocados Recipe, perfect for meal times or party menus. Who would have thought to stuff glorious bacon inside tasty avocados? It’s pure genius!
Bacon stuffed Avocados

What’s Not to Love about this Bacon Stuffed Avocados Recipe?

I’m not sure why it took an internet search to find this tasty gem of a side dish, but with bacon and avocados, you know it’s gonna be yummy! Adapted from a recipe found at the Better in Bulk website, these two ingredients are going to wow your meal time and make mouths happy. Need something for your next party menu or looking for a great way to start your day? This versatile bacon recipe is ideal anytime you are in the mood.

Bacon Stuffed Avocados Ingredients

Four medium ripe avocados
8 or 10 slices of your favorite bacon, cooked crispy before being crumbled
Dash of lime juice
½ cup of margarine or butter
¼ cup of light or dark brown sugar (the dark provides a richer molasses flavor)
¼ cup of white wine vinegar
¼ cup of chopped garlic
½ teaspoon of salt or salt substitute

Bacon Stuffed Avocados Instructions

Slice the avocados in half, lengthwise and scoop out enough avocado flesh to create a small bowl. Set aside
Place the scooped out avocado flesh in a mixing bowl, and add the crisp crumbled bacon. Mash gently.
Spoon this mixture back into the avocado halves and sprinkle with lime juice. This is to prevent the avocados from browning.
Combine the remaining ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over medium high heat. Stir occasionally until this mixture is smooth and the sugars are dissolved.
Pour the hot mixture over the stuffed avocado halves and serve immediately.
Bacon stuffed avocados
This is a great recipe when you want something that is truly different than what you normally eat. The flavors combine for a wow factor not normally seen in a side dish, thanks to this winning combination of flavors and rich syrupy garnish. The prep time is surprisingly short, only twenty minutes, and this bacon inspired recipe is quite satisfying.

When will you serve these Bacon Stuffed Avocados?


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