Because You Are…A Pig!

Written by Samuel Reyes on March 10th, 2013


Because you are….a pig! Enjoy this weeks comic strip.

6 Responses to “Because You Are…A Pig!”

  1. Kay_Janay90 says:

    NOTHING beats bacon!! Except… maybe Turkey Bacon… lol.

  2. S. Reyes says:

    Turkey bacon….? That stuff…. I’m going to now script a comic about turkey bacon and it’s proper place in the world.

  3. Annalise loves piggies! says:

    Lol… great idea @S.Reyes! Btw turtle would taste horrible! No wonder she didn’t like the pig’s idea haha

  4. Rita says:

    Hey what’s wrong with turkey bacon? Lol. I mean other than it tasting disgusting if it’s burnt too easily. 🙂

  5. S. Reyes says:

    My mom actually made Turkey bacon regularly. It’s honestly not so bad.
    @Annalise – I’ve never actually had turtle…

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