It’s Plush Animal Lovers Day!

Written by Lillian Tram on October 28th, 2014

By now you’ve probably noticed how much fun it is to report all these wild and wacky holidays. Today is Plush Animal Lovers Day, a day chosen in celebration of your favorite stuffed toy. Give your special plush an extra special squeeze today as I tell you how this day became nationally recognized.


What is Plush Animal Lovers Day?


No one is one hundred percent sure how the Plush Animal Lovers Day came to be recognized but we have a pretty good idea. An confirmed Urban Legend states that a collectibles dealer named Royal Selangor wanted to celebrate a Teddy Bears Picnic Day, back in the late eighties. It is rumored that the other stuffed toys (especially the pigs!) became jealous. After all, why should only Teddy Bears be adored on this day?


The Plush Animal Lovers Day quickly gained popularity, replacing the Teddy Bears Picnic Day, and it’s only fair, right? Today, Plush Animal Lovers Day is an opportunity to share your love of stuffed and plush toys with the rest of the world. Take one to work or school or throw a tea party for your plush animals.


Buy someone you love a special stuffed animal and enjoy their reaction. Personally, I recommend choosing a ping piggy plush but hey – to each their own, right? Remember, a plush, or stuffed, toy is not just for Christmas – it needs love and affection all year long! For those of you who embrace all things piggy, here are some wonderful plush choices for you!


See Our Plush Pig Parade!


Aurora Plush 12″ Piggolo Flopsie


Found on Amazon for approximately $9.99 to $12.30 and available with the gift-wrapping option, this little piggy is ready for some snuggle time. Numerous reviews have given this little pink barnyard dweller an average score of 4.5! Do you know someone who would give this special pink baby a loving home?



Pauline the Plush Spotted Pig by Douglas


Available on Stuffed Safari, this little guy has an adorable spotted feature that makes you instantly want to say aww! That little pink nose and equally adorable ears are sure to win your heart almost instantly! Pauline the Plush Spotted Pig retails for $22.49, and there are several personalization options to choose from on their site.



Webkinz Pot Bellied Pig


This sweet Webkinz Pot Bellied Pig, priced at $39.98, comes with an activation code so you can play online games, interacting with a virtual version of this plush animal. Choose whether this darling pig is a girl or boy, and after adoption, you can decorate, buy furniture, clothes and food for your pet’s bedroom. Basic requirements such as health and hunger can be monitored, and each pig comes with a special food and belonging, available at Amazon.



Minecraft 7 inch Animal Plush – Baby Pig

Do you know someone who loves pigs and Minecraft? If so, this may be the perfect gift! This seven inch plush baby pig is soft and cuddly with a luxurious pink plush exterior. Available for $17.99 at the NZ Game Shop, you’re sure to make someone smile with this exceptionally crafted stuffed pig!



Fruit Ninja Jumbo Truffles the Pig Plush Toy


Amazon offers another great stuffed animal, the  Fruit Ninja Jumbo ‘Truffles the Pig’ plush toy, available for $49.95. This adorable little fruit ninja is on the 2014 Holiday Toy List so you better grab your own Truffles the pig while he’s still available! At 20 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches, he’s kind of a big deal!



McDull Pig Plush Toy Large


For only $39.99, you can own this large and in charge pig from Greekk, lovingly named McDull Pig. This stuffed pig has a large pink snout and a round midsection that’s just begging to be squeezed! Need a special gift that says I love you in a grand way? Choose the McDull Pig Plush Toy and you can’t go wrong!


Pig Plush Key Chain – Cute Accessory


Each of our Kawaii Pig key chains are made from soft felt , measuring approximately 4 inches tall and filled with stuffing. The tiny details are carefully and securely stitched by hand for a unique key chain that is 100% handmade. Because no machine is used to sew these sweet little pigs, there may be small differences in the designs.


Do you plan to celebrate National Plush Animal Lovers Day?

Pigs in the Kitchen

Written by Lillian Tram on May 19th, 2014

Pig Purchases for Baking Enthusiasts


If you are absolutely crazy about pigs and love to bake delicious treats for your family, the following product line-up will be right up your alley. Enjoy freshly baked piggies in all shapes and sizes or choose from several other helpful kitchen merchandise to brighten your day and ease the workload.


 Kitchen Kritters Silicone Pig Pot Holder Set

 pig shaped potholders


A busy cook can never have too many potholders and grabbers in the kitchen. While many pot holders are made of materials which wear out quickly, these savvy pigs are sure to last a long time. The silicone construction provides durability and the design is definitely fun! Find these exceptional pig related baking products at for less than $20.


Lovely Pig Cake Mold


pig shaped silicone baking mold



There are so many great baking and craft uses for silicone molds, and these little pigs are guaranteed to inspire you! There are sixteen cavities for you to create any number of desserts, soaps, tea light candles and other crafts. Available on Etsy, you can order this durable bakeware for less than a five dollar bill!


Piggy Etched Casserole Dish


piggy etched casserole dish


Potlucks requiring a covered dish will never be boring when they scoop from this etched casserole dish to find an adorable pig and teasing message! This one of a kind bakeware is available on Etsy and would make a wonderful gift for the pig enthusiast in your life.  Is it even possible to have too many glass casserole dishes?


Pig Chocolate Candy Molds


pig candy mold


If you are looking for a great way to spend $2.00, your search is officially over! These adorable plastic pig molds will make great novelty candy and chocolates. Completely safe for hand washing, this mold creates 18 adorable piggys. One pound of candy coating or chocolate will yield about 80 pigs!


Edible Pink Pig Sprinkles


pig shaped sprinkles


Now any cake or cupcake can celebrate your love of pigs! Check out these adorable pink piggy edible sprinkles available at Country Kitchen Sweetheart for less than $2.00! Sized at approximately 1/4″ wide and 1/32″ thick, these sprinkles offer a great way to make your busy day pig-tastic!

Wilton Pantastic Cake Pan


Wilton Pantastic Cake Pan


 Wilton offers so many wonderful pans but this one is sure to be a favorite! This Pantastic Pig will help you bake a whimsical cake for any celebration. Available at Confectionery House, baking enthusiasts can purchase this pan for the low price of $6.99. Made of durable plastic, the end result will be a generous 8 x 13 size. 



Pig Cookie Cutters

pig shaped cookie cutterEvery respectable kitchen must own at least one pig shaped cookie cutter, right? Of course! There are so many piggy shaped cutters available, it may be hard to settle on just one design. The design featured comes from Peach Suite, and is available for less than $5.00.  


Pink Cupcake Liners


Pink Pig Cupcake Liners


Another kitchen supply to keep on hand at all times are these nifty and bright paper cupcake liners in pink. Perfect for making pink pig cupcakes, these liners are available at Birthday Direct for approximately $2.00. With some pink icing, a marshmallow snout, two brown m&ms for eyes, and two pink sugar wafer ears, you can craft some adorable edible pig cupcakes!


 What Piggy Items Do You Have?


There are so many wonderful baking items for the kitchen that will help fans celebrate the love of pigs! This line-up is only the beginning. What other great pig related merchandise would you recommend? What piggy items do you own and love?

USB Pig animal warmer

Written by Lillian Tram on December 16th, 2011


It’s winter time, and as I’m sitting at the computer right now I find that my room can get cold and drafty this time of year.  Sure, I could be practical and put on a sweater or a jacket or a blanket or turn the heat up, but I saw a more cuddly solution online recently.  These USB pig animal warmer cushions have carbon fiber in them and heat up as soon as you plug them in to the USB port.  A huggable piggy cushion that keeps me warm and cozy while I’m blogging?  Sounds like a great idea!

Pig power strip

Written by Lillian Tram on December 9th, 2011


This pig power strip looks kind of creepy but the concept is pretty cool.  I often have problems with regular power strips because big plugs and adapter plugs cover up multiple outlets on the strip.  The design of the power pig makes it easy to use and charge lots of devices while conserving space.  Unfortunately, this power pig is made for Russian electrical plugs but if they ever make one for US plugs I would totally get one.


Giggles the Piggy Blankie

Written by Lillian Tram on November 19th, 2011








I own plenty of blankets but you can never have enough piggy blankets. I found a website called Happy Blankie that sells a blanket in the shape of a piggy face and I will be adding this to my blanket collection soon. Once I receive Giggles the Piggy Blankie, I will be reviewing it and posting up photos.