It’s All Over For The Hogettes

Written by Lillian Tram on January 28th, 2013



When it comes to famous mascots and amazing crowd support and fandom, few sports can match the intensity of the National Football League. After all, you had Barrel Man in Denver, the famous firefighter who rooted on the New York Jets loyally, and countless other supporters and fans across the country pushing their teams to victory week in, and week out.


But few fans really came up with as original and, ahem, as unforgettable work in their support as those of the Washington Redskins. I’m of course talking about The Hogettes, a group of middle-aged men who liked to dress up as women, in flowery, colorful dresses, with pig snouts on their noses. They loyally cheered at each and every Redskins home game, and even their fair share of road games over time on their way to being, well, unforgettable in the minds of most Redskins fans.


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Make Room For The Most Recent Therapy…Pig?

Written by Lillian Tram on January 23rd, 2013


We know therapy dogs work in a variety of situations. You saw them in Newtown after the tragic shooting last month, helping victims and families cope and get through the emotional toil with a new furry, four-legged friend.


You see therapy dogs with soldiers, working to promote their mental and physical health as they get back from Afghanistan or Iraq, and work to improve their lives as they re-acclimate to civilian society.


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Spotted Pig Gate

Written by Lillian Tram on January 18th, 2013


Gordon Ramsay is at it again, and this time, he is feuding (again) with Mario Batali and his business partner April Bloomfield. Back in 2004, Batali and Bloomfield opened up a restaurant called the Spotted Pig in New York’s West Village, and ever since then it has been an extremely solid and high quality restaurant and New York eatery.


With stars in the Michelin guide, stars dining in the restaurant, and great food and dishes prepared by world-class chefs, it’s one of the more famous restaurants in New York, and certainly one that every other celebrity chef would know about.


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Guess Who Has The Most Pigs In The United States??

Written by Lillian Tram on January 15th, 2013


Well, it’s official. In case you had ever wondered (and you KNOW I did!), Iowa has the largest pig and hog inventory in the United States. According to the US Department of Agriculture, Iowa has a whopping 20.6 million pigs and hogs on farms this year, as of December 1st.


And the population is rising! That’s a three percent increase in pigs and hogs relative to last year. Believe it or not, our nearby neighbors to the north of me in Georgia have the second most pigs: North Carolina comes in with more than nine million pigs and hogs of their own, though that’s less than half of the number one state in Iowa.


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Super Pig To The Rescue!

Written by Lillian Tram on January 12th, 2013

There’s a cool YouTube video out right now with a pig saving a baby goat from drowning, believe it or not. In the video, the pig saves a goat whose foot had become stuck at this underwater petting zoo.



I didn’t know underwater petting zoos exist, of course, but I guess pretty much everything exists nowadays, so I don’t know why I should be surprised…


Anyways, a YouTube user uploaded the video in September, and immediately it got a lot of play because, well, it’s just amazing. When you watch the video, I’ve got to say I am really impressed with how it all worked out and what came from it – it is definitely cool and touching to see that little pig swim over and save the goat from maybe drowning or at least being stuck for quite some time.


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Pig’s Head Left Outside Facility Used By Muslims

Written by Lillian Tram on January 8th, 2013


In a weird and unfortunate story last week from the United Kingdom, three people have been arrested for what police say is leaving a pig’s head outside a center used by Muslims in Leicester. Sadly, this sort of thing for attention (or to intimidate the group in question) is really nothing new, both in England and the United States.


The pig, of course, is offensive to Muslims since in their religion they consider it unclean, and they are not allowed to eat pork. So, naturally, finding a pig head is a pretty clear symbol and sign of offense, disrespect, and hate.


The Muslim center in that area is apparently considering a move into a new neighborhood, but there have unfortunately been a great deal of protests in the English neighborhood, and by the British National Party against the move and against opening a new center in general.


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Who You Callin Pigs, Anyways?

Written by Lillian Tram on December 23rd, 2012

Here’s a cool music video we found about pigs, and their treatment, called Who Ya Callin Pigs? It’s kind of a cool and funny video where pigs are “protesting” their treatment and name, and it’s all about getting people to love pigs a little more.



The video and lyrics have a more serious side, though, too; they are a call to attention on pigs and their treatment when used for food in things like bacon and pork by the major food production industries, and by restaurants and corporations around the country.

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Down Home With The Neelys And Pig Barbecues

Written by Lillian Tram on December 18th, 2012


I’m not sure if you guys remember Down Home With The Neelys, which was this show on the Food Network; if you’re like me, you have to watch the Food Network to keep up with the blog, after all! 😉


But for those who don’t watch it quite as religiously as I do, the Neely’s are a husband and wife team who cook a ton of yummy foods, and kind of focus on southern cuisine, and really rich, down-home cooking of various meals.


They come from that Paula Deen vein of really rich, tasty, and decadent foods that are total comfort cuisines. Plus, they’ve got some southern barbecue flavor and flare to them, so you know that they know how to grill a good piggy!

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A Russian Pig In Space?

Written by Lillian Tram on December 4th, 2012


Ok, so I found one of the coolest images on the planet (at least, for me!) the other day. It turns out that in the 1930s, the Russians got a pig drunk and sent him into space!


No, seriously. It was in 1938 or so, and they were experimenting with aircrafts and space travel, and they decided to send a pig into space before sending any human into space. (You history buffs will remember that the Russians would later send Yuri Gagarin out by the stars, becoming the first man ever to go into space!)


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McDonald’s Phasing Out Tiny Cages For Pigs

Written by Lillian Tram on November 27th, 2012


Here’s some really, really good news for the pork, ham and bacon industries from a few months ago on CNN – McDonald’s is now phasing out tiny cages for the pigs they grow and use for food! Great!!


McDonald’s announced in February that they are requiring their pork suppliers to cut out the small, immobilizing cages that had previously been used for pregnant pigs, and instead focus on more humane conditions and welfare for the pigs and sows as they are being bred and used.


The Humane Society is on record that they love the new alternative from McDonald’s, and I do too. Obviously, it’d be naive to suggest that everyone just stop eating pigs as food – it isn’t gonna happen, plus, pork and bacon are delicious!


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Video of My Pig Me Up’s 1yr Anniversary Event!

Written by Lillian Tram on November 15th, 2012


The video of My Pig Me Up’s One-Year Anniversary Event is up and ready to view. We finished the video off with some Gangnum Style dancing. Check it out!


Pig Thanks to Allen Hu for making the video.

Voting Time!

Written by Lillian Tram on November 6th, 2012

Get out and vote today!!!

How I met Your Mother Teacup Pig

Written by Lillian Tram on September 13th, 2012



I’m a huge fan of the show How I Met Your Mother. In the sixteenth episode of season five, entitled “Hooked”, Barney uses a teacup pig as bait to attract girls and his ploy works well compared to his other silly methods such as the trampoline or the slot machine. The girl Ted is after in the show, who happens to be played by Carrie Underwood, takes a liking to the tiny cute pig. Marshall also uses the teacup pig to help Lily confront her admirer. I mean, who could resist the power of the cute teacup pig? His fuzzy little snout and baby oinks are just soooo cute!

Waking up to Kevin Bacon images…great way to start the day!

Written by Lillian Tram on July 13th, 2012

Kevin Bacon fan, occupy, Friday the 13th, love for bacon


The week has flown by so quickly and I’m glad the weekend is near. Woke up this morning and saw a post of Kevin Bacon. Such a great start to my day. I used to associate Friday the 13th with Freddie Kruger but I much rather have the image of Mr. Bacon. 2012 has three Friday the 13ths. Every 400 years the cycle repeats. Thank goodness it’s Friday, TGIF!

Geico’s Pig Street Luges

Written by Lillian Tram on April 30th, 2012


Maxwell the pig has gotten enough fans that Geico has starred him in yet another commerical. This time he gets his thrills racing on a street luge. Could Maxwell be giving the Geico gecko a run for his money? Only time will tell. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Big Pig App

Written by Lillian Tram on April 23rd, 2012


This Big Pig app is oh soooo addicting. A fun little physics game, the goal is to stack objects up to form a steady structure that can support a big pig that drops from the sky. If you don’t stack carefully, the big pig will tumble over! Remember to make the dreams of pigs come true and make them bigger!

Piglets…in disguise?

Written by Lillian Tram on March 28th, 2012



These cute piglets snuggling on a mommy tiger have made the rounds on the internet. I know I’ve seen it on reddit before. I remember the caption for these pics, which described a tiger who lost her own cubs and became depressed, so zookeepers suggested dressing piglets in tiger costumes to keep the tiger company. The piglets snuggle with the tiger, mommy tiger yawns and smiles, and all is well. The result is a perfectly upbeat story to perk up a Monday morning.


Unfortunately, it turns out that the story was a hoax. The pictures are from a zoo in Thailand called Sriracha Tiger Zoo. This zoo has more than 400 tigers and other exotic animals. However, the zoo is unique in that adult and young animals of different species are kept in the same enclosure as visual entertainment for its visitors. The pictures appear pleasant and innocent, but since the purpose of the interaction is entertainment rather than companionship, questions about the safety of the young animals present themselves. Hopefully, the zookeepers are keeping the piglets and tigers safe.

Using Pig As A Tax Deduction

Written by Lillian Tram on March 18th, 2012


It’s tax season. A guy was bold enough to want to use his pet pig as a tax deduction. He walked into Lupo & Associates and wanted to claim $7,000 in expenses for his pig’s medical bills and food. And if he were approved, he would deduce his taxes by $4,000. Imagine, you being able expense your pets? That would be a huge write off every year. It’s like having a child. Unfortunately, in the world we live in even though these pets are like family but you can’t claim them as a dependent.

Two-Snouted Cyclops Pig

Written by Lillian Tram on February 21st, 2012


This little pig was born with two snouts and one eye. He was the fifth of his litter and it’s a miracle that he survived. The image is startling but reminded me that we should appreciate what was given to us. I might not be the tallest, prettiest, or brightest lady but I’m healthy and fortunate, so remember: don’t sweat the small stuff.


Check out the full article on Huffington Post!

Happy Valentine’s Day Pig Lovers (Hog Wild Valentine Dance)

Written by Lillian Tram on February 14th, 2012

Hog Wild Valentine Dance! — powered by


Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. May you be filled with love and happiness. Enjoy this Hog Wild Valentine Dance!

First Female Presidential Candidate in Taiwan Likes Pigs

Written by Lillian Tram on February 2nd, 2012


Dr. Tsai Ying-wen was Taiwan’s first female presidential candidate. She used pigs as a mascot for her campaign, encouraging her supporters to be “little pigs” to fight against the “big bad wolf,” referring to the incumbent government. She handed out little piggy banks to her supporters, which they filled with money to support her campaign. Ms. Tsai generated impressive support with this, raising £4.3 million ($6.8 million) with the piggy banks alone. Dr. Tsai’s intellect, pragmatism, and groundedness provided confidence to her supporters. The pigs symbolized the people’s support for her and that she is the underpig who will keep fighting the big bad wolf.

Geico Commercial of a Pig Ziplining!

Written by Lillian Tram on January 18th, 2012


Yet another awesome commercial made by Geico. And the pig goes weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Zooey Deschanel Holding Pig Soap

Written by Lillian Tram on January 9th, 2012


Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite actresses. I love her show, New Girl. She plays this quirky lady who is irresistible and funny. My friends say that her mannerisms in the show remind them of me. I am pretty goofy, but I don’t know if I’m that goofy lol. I found a pic of Zooey on Instagram, a site where people share photos with their friends. She’s holding some soap shaped like a pig. It’s a little quirky but it makes her a little more awesome in my book.

The Peppermint Pig and Marzipan Pig…Holiday Traditions!

Written by Lillian Tram on December 27th, 2011


The Peppermint Pig has its roots in Victorian holiday tradition, for which pigs were symbolic of good health, happiness, and prosperity.  Peppermint Pigs were made as a tasty treat to bring good luck for the new year. The tradition is to smash the pig, pass around the plate, eat a piece for good luck and share a story about a happy experience during the past year. Saratoga Sweets specializes in making Peppermint Pigs, which are sent with a nickel-plated hammer. Over 120,000 Peppermint Pigs were sold last year. They have been featured on the Food Network, the Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, CNN, CNBC, CBS News and countless magazines and newspapers across the country.


The Marzipan Pig is a custom to wish for a happy and prosperous new year that is celebrated in Germany, Norway, and Denmark. Marzipan is a mixture of almonds and sugar that can be sculpted into shapes like pigs.  In Germany, Marzipan Pigs are given as gifts or stocking stuffers between Christmas and New Year’s Day to bestow happiness and good fortune to friends and family.  In Norway and Denmark, one tradition involves sharing a rice pudding or porridge with a whole almond baked inside. The person who finds the almond in their dish receives a prize, usually a lucky Marzipan Pig.  Edible pigs to celebrate the new year are also made from chocolate, peppermint, and cake as well.


Pigs have been a symbol of health, happiness, and good fortune in both these traditions for over a hundred years.  Perhaps if you get a chance, try a Peppermint or Marzipan Pig with a friends and share the happy moments of the past year and wish for a joyous new year for all.

Nakh-Nakh the Pig

Written by Lillian Tram on December 11th, 2011


Nakh-Nakh the Pig is a symbol for a political movement against Vladimir Putin’s incumbent party in Russia.  One of the founders of Nakh-Nakh is Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister and now co-leader of the People’s Freedom Party.  The People’s Freedom Party was refused registration by Russia’s Justice Ministry earlier this year.  As a response to this and other measures restricting opposing parties from representing themselves, the Nakh-Nakh movement was created.  Nakh-Nakh, whose name means “Go away!” in Russian, sends his message through animated clips and on armbands and ribbons.  Nakh-Nakh has become a symbol for liberty and the right to vote.  He also gives hope to people disheartened by the current election process that you can stand up and fight for what you believe in.


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