Four Fabulous Valentine Gift Ideas & Themes for Her

Written by Lillian Tram on January 29th, 2014

Pigs Can Be Romantic too!

While it is still weeks away, Valentine’s Day quickly approaches. Sure, candy and flowers are a safe bet but why not give her something that really stands out? Be brave. Take a chance. You should begin planning your Valentine’s Day strategy now rather than wait until the last minute when all the great gifts are gone.


Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a girlfriend or wife who adores piggys as much as we do! If so, you are going to love this list of great gift ideas that will really make her night and keep you out of the dog house. Our list of gift ideas are affordable and adorable so choose your favorite idea and create a magical evening with the one that makes you as happy as a pig eating slop! With each item on this list, you will find some great ideas that will make these gifts even more amazing.


Piggy Paint Set of Three $20


Here is a wonderful gift idea to spoil the lady in your life. This Piggy Paint Set is a wonderful way to tell her how much you appreciate all that she does. These three fun colors of nail polish offer unlimited options and make her feel beautiful. Another great feature of this great gift idea is that it is suitable for all ages.


I recommend doing a little homework by finding out where her favorite salon is located. purchasing a gift certificate to her favorite beauty or nail salon for any service of her choosing. A happy woman is a woman who feels pretty and pampered.


Singing Plush Cupig Shuffle


Whether she loves to dance or not, your special lady will love this wonderful Singing Plush Cupig Shuffle Gift from Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. The Cupid Shuffle is a popular song with an unforgettable beat that really fills the dance floor. This techno plush pink piggy shuffles, shakes his plump, protruding belly, and sings a catchy excerpt of this hit. Her heart will melt and it will be one of her favorite Valentine’s Day for years to come. Hallmark has a great deal on this little piggy – $32.95 or $15.95 with the purchase of three greeting cards. This is another gift that will please nearly any age group.


I recommend gifting this item to your special gal on a Valentine’s Day evening date of dinner and dancing, or drinks at your favorite pub. Shock her by learning all the moves to “The Cupid Shuffle” and it will be a night she will never forget, leaving behind a lasting smile and fond memories. A great learning video can be found here:


Just For Fun Piggy Foot Spa Gift Set


This Valentine’s Day, treat her overworked feet to the pampering and splendor of this Just for Fun Piggy Foot Spa Gift Set by Spa Sister Gift Essentials. For only $34.00, this slipper set includes soft, shaggy animal slippers, an exfoliating foot scrub, deeply nourishing foot butter, a premium nail File, and deluxe comfort toe separators. When your feet feel rejuvenated, your day is a little better.


I would highly recommend purchasing a gift certificate which will treat her to a deeply relaxing massage or a special spa day. A good alternative to this plan would be to select a beautiful matching bathrobe like this plush pink terry cloth short robe available on sale now for only $39.50 at Victoria Secret.


Flying Pig Glass Margarita Gift Set


Sometimes, a girl just needs a margarita night to distress and have some fun and what better way to unwind than with this adorable hand-painted Flying Pig Glass Margarita Gift Set. This beautiful glassware is only $33.00 and can be personalized with your leading lady’s name right on the base.  Artist Carla Tyree offers this adorable piggy on a cloud design on your choice of glassware so you can choose a pilsner, wine, champagne flute, or pint glass – whatever your lovely lady prefers. All paint is baked onto the outer glass for durability and can be washed by hand for best results.


Pair this beautiful set with her favorite liquor, wine, or brew and plan a fun evening of drinks and laughs. Secure a hotel room or vacation rental with an indoor hot tub for a Valentine’s Day neither of you will soon forget.


Hopefully, one of the above ideas and themes will appeal to you this Valentine’s Day. Please comment if you have an idea to add to the ones listed above and do have a wonderful holiday with someone dear to your heart!



Ten Christmas Piggy Gifts Under $10

Written by Lillian Tram on December 9th, 2013

Are you looking for some great piggy Christmas gifts for those you hold dear to your heart?  It is always a difficult task to find unique and usable gifts for everyone within your budget. They will squeal with delight when they find these special gifts under the tree this year and best of all, these pink piggy finds are all under $10.00.


 When Pigs Fly Ornament and Necklace Set   $9.72

Normally priced at $12.00, this attractive set features a Pewter flying pig ornament adorned with pink glitter wings and the hand silk-screened message that reads “When pigs fly” and a matching flying pig necklace with earring set. Made in the USA of high quality Pewter, this adorable set offers a great value and is sure to stir up some stimulating conversation at any Christmas celebration. Surprisingly, this boutique quality item can be found at Kmart.


Hand Held LED Flash Light $7.52

 Anyone on your Christmas list would benefit from one of these Hand Held LED Flash Lights. Perfect for children or adults, these are not only brightly colored but the light these little pigs provide is pretty bright too. These little Flash Lights will come in handy all year long and are the perfect size to hang from your purse or key ring. These little piggies will offer lots of help to the loved ones on your Christmas list.

Joie Piggy Wiggy Timer $8.13

 Perfect for anyone who loves to cook or bake, this little Joie Piggy Wiggy Timer will help prevent overcooking those special Holiday dishes. Just a simple twist of this piggy’s round body will set him to go off when the time is right. Available at Amazon, you can easily personalize this gift by adding some cookie mix and beater with a festive bow attached.

Charcoal Companion Pig Corn Holders $9.33

 This adorable eight piece Charcoal Companion Pig Corn Holders will add some serious fun any night you serve some corn on the cob. Each set of two corn holders equals four helpful little pigs, making the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who adores piggies. Made of poly-resin and stainless steel, the prongs will easily attach to the cob so you can enjoy your corn with lots of butter. These little pigs will certainly add to the dinner conversation.


Bobblehead Pig Bottle Stopper $8.95

Want a unique Christmas gift that your loved one can put to use immediately? This adorable little piggy will keep all the Holiday beverages safe while you party the night away. Made of iron, the Bobblehead Pig Bottle Stopper will add fun and function for a combination that equals a truly awesome Christmas gift idea. This gift will make an even bigger splash when you give this bottle stopper with a great bottle of wine. Who wouldn’t want to invite this cute little piggy to a fun Holiday party?


Flying Pig Mug $6.48

This Flying Pig Mug from Pier1 Imports is an adorable find for anyone who loves pink piggies and at this price, consider purchasing several to fill with Christmas candies or gourmet coffee and tea varieties for a truly festive gift. Tie a Christmas bow around the goodies and place in this dishwasher safe mug. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive such an awesome gift?


Rubber Pig Coin Purse $4.75

The Rubber Pig Coin Purse from Claire’s has to be one of the cutest ways to store change that I have ever seen. This little pink piggy offers the perfect solution for all of that spare change lying around in the bottom of your purse or in the car. This adorable little change purse is perfect for any age and will make Holiday giving a much simpler task.


Cute Pink Pig Rainbow Stripes Luggage Tag $9.50

Anyone who travels will recognize what a great help this Cute Pink Pig Rainbow Stripes Luggage Tag could be during Holiday travel. All luggage sets can look the same when traveling via bus or plane, making it difficult to spot your suitcase in a crowd. This brightly colored piggy will protect your personal belongings to help prevent them from being lost. Personalize these however you like and give them to the travelers on your Christmas list. Holidays without lost luggage are the best ones of all!

Fosmon 3D Pink Pig Silicone Protector Case $4.95

If you carry an Apple iPhone 4 or 4s, you are in luck because this Fosmon 3D Pink Pig Silicone Protector Case is super cheap and oh so cute! This handy rubber case will protect your phone from damage and give you something to smile about. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the iPhone owner on your piggy loving Christmas list.


PIG Crystal Necklace in Piggy in a Dress Gift Box $9.99

This adorable sixteen inch PIG Crystal Necklace is as delightful as the adorable Piggy in a Dress Gift Box it will arrive in. Perfect for any young lady on your Christmas list, this whimsical set will bring much joy and laughter to its new owner as she discovers the love of this pink piggy.

Piggy Pajamas

Written by Lillian Tram on December 7th, 2012

Oprah seems to be the bearer of great news for a lot of people – she mentions a book on her show, and the next week it becomes a New York Times bestseller. She drops a note about a certain TV show or food, and it becomes the must-watch or must-make item of the month, making somebody in that business a very happy person.


While I sit here and dream that maybe one day Oprah will do the same thing for my blog, there is somebody in the piggy space of the world who Oprah has mentioned, and has made pretty famous and important almost overnight: the people who created (get this) ORGANIC PIG PAJAMAS!



The lady who created these pig-inspired pajamas was featured on Oprah a while back, in addition to having a blog and everything on her own. Business must be pretty good, too, because the price for a set of piggy pajamas is pretty steep; $89.95, to be exact. I don’t know if I have the kind of money to shell out for piggy pajamas, but… oh, who am I kidding? If it has to do with pigs, I’m probably going to buy it!


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Revenge of the Pigs!

Written by Lillian Tram on November 30th, 2012

Credit: Rovio


Bad pigs, bad pigs,

Whatcha gonna do,

Whatcha gonna do,

When … Angry Birds come for you?


That’s right! It’s not a bad remix of the old theme from the TV show COPS, but a reference to America’s favorite mobile game – Angry Birds!


For anyone who has ever owned a smart phone, you know how insanely addicting Angry Birds is, right? And more than that, you know how incredibly popular and successful it’s become over the last few years.


That’s all good and fine, but the cool thing here is that the folks who spent years perfecting the Angry Birds set of games have come out with a newer, cooler game that is SURE to take the world by storm – Bad Piggies!


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Halloween aftermath…Don’t be a WEENIE!

Written by Lillian Tram on November 9th, 2012


Photo from


Ok guys, I’m gonna need some serious help. See, Halloween is over (duh) and I was sort of hoping to get some Halloween stuff for next year. I figured that if you buy it now, and just store it somewhere for a year, you could save a ton of money on merchandise, right?




Apparently, most stores send back their costumes immediately after Halloween ends (like, that night after the stores close on October 31) and they get some of their money back on whatever they didn’t sell.


I get it, and it makes sense for the stores, but I kind of wish they would leave their extra Halloween gear out for a day or two. I feel like you could really have some fun in a Halloween surplus store!

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Target Pig Tissue Box

Written by Lillian Tram on April 16th, 2012


Maybe it’s just me, but I think my sniffles will go away a little faster if there’s a cute pig holding my tissues. You can find this pig tissue box at Target.

Fancy Pig Purses

Written by Lillian Tram on February 6th, 2012


Blogger Jennifer Baughman came across these sparkly pig purses in Honolulu. Given how flashy these pig purses look, I’m sure they would cost an arm and a leg. Jennifer and I have a commonality in that I too am not a purse girl. I wear the same silver bookbag purse every day and occasionally get teased by my fashion-forward friends. I prefer a bookbag purse over a single-strap purse because I believe in even distribution so that my shoulders won’t be lopsided and my back won’t be strained.  I have to admit that I am a sucker for pig stuff and these pig purses are tempting to buy. Too bad I probably can’t afford them.