Heroic Pig

Written by Lillian Tram on December 7th, 2011


A pig named Zhu Jianqiang or “Strong-Willed Pig” was praised for surviving the terrible Sichuan, China earthquake of May 2008.  This earthquake was an 8.0-magnitude quake that left over 60,000 dead and caused over $50 billion in damage.  Zhu was buried under the rubble of his sty for 36 days and was able to stay alive by drinking rainwater and chewing charcoal.  The owner had thought that Zhu had died in the rubble, and when soldiers came to clean up the rubble around his home in June 2008, they pulled out a still-kicking Zhu from the rubble.  He used to weigh 330 pounds, but lost two-thirds of his weight in the struggle.  Since he was such a incredible pig, scientists worked to produce six piglets with his identical DNA even though Zhu was castrated before the quake.  Surviving for 36 days on rainwater and charcoal while losing two-thirds of your weight?  If that doesn’t define tough, I don’t know what does.


Baconreader: Reddit Reader for Pig Lovers!

Written by Lillian Tram on December 3rd, 2011


If you’re a huge Reddit fan like I am, you should check out this Android app called Baconreader. It’s easy to use, there’s faster loading time, and it has a more polished interface than “Reddit is Fun.” Baconreader is a great looking app and the design makes it easier to share links, change subreddits, and follow comment threads. Of course, the number one reason why I like this app is its name. Gotta love the bacon!  Now, if only they could put an “aroma” button on the front page…



Balsamic Roast Pork Tenderloins

Written by Lillian Tram on December 1st, 2011


Today I decided to make pork tenderloins after having a conversation with my mom. I found a simple 30 minute recipe by Rachael Ray online. While the recipe is simple (there are only seven ingredients), the combination of garlic (which I love in my cooking) and balsamic vinegar complements the pork nicely. It’s a quick and easy recipe and it’ll be one of my go-to dishes in the future. Try it and tell me what you think.


Get the recipe here.

Tonton the Pig

Written by Lillian Tram on November 28th, 2011



I love watching anime, and one of my favorite anime characters is Tonton from Naruto, who just happens to be a pig. She doesn’t speak but has no trouble getting her point across. Tonton is super strong and fun to watch. She also has a keen sense of smell just like me!


Nanoblock Pink Pig

Written by Lillian Tram on November 26th, 2011


Growing up, I enjoyed playing with legos and made some pretty cool creatures and robots on my own. I came across this Nanoblock pink pig and it brought back some fond memories. I’m pretty excited to make a pig out of lego nanoblocks. Of course, you can’t have just one cute pig, so I might have to build a few more pigs to complete a piggy family. Hmm..I wonder if they make pink regular-size legos?


The Muppets featuring Miss Piggy

Written by Lillian Tram on November 24th, 2011



Posing with The Muppets poster take 1…a little stiff.


Posing with The Muppets poster take 2…having fun and looking like the characters from the poster. Success!


I was fortunate enough to see the premiere showing of The Muppets at the AMC theater on Tuesday at midnight. They were giving out posters to the first 50 customers. To my surprise, there was a pretty long line and I had to wait, anxiously, to get my poster. The movie was charming, humorous, clever, and heartwarming. I would see it again in a heartbeat. It appears that the critics like the movie, as on Rotten Tomatoes, The Muppets got a whopping 97% rating.


I found a editorial on Gizmodo that recommended that the Muppets should host the Oscars. The author contacted the Muppets and they actually replied and sent him a pic of Miss Piggy.


Frog in Throat (Naughty Miss Piggy)

Written by Lillian Tram on November 22nd, 2011


This could be interpreted in different ways depending on how you read it. Nothing like a little piggy innuendo for a chuckle. Next time I get a sore throat or laryngitis, I’ll be using Miss Piggy’s ‘I have a frog in my throat’ line.


Giggles the Piggy Blankie

Written by Lillian Tram on November 19th, 2011








I own plenty of blankets but you can never have enough piggy blankets. I found a website called Happy Blankie that sells a blanket in the shape of a piggy face and I will be adding this to my blanket collection soon. Once I receive Giggles the Piggy Blankie, I will be reviewing it and posting up photos.


Weeeeeeeeeee! Piggy GEICO Commercial.

Written by Lillian Tram on November 14th, 2011

I’m usually not one to watch commercials ever since I bought my TiVo but this commercial gets me every time. Next time you’re in the backseat of a car, give it a try, it’s fun. And if you’re ever driving along the side of the road and hear that sound, it’s probably me!

Best Tattoo Ever! Clever Pig.

Written by Lillian Tram on November 12th, 2011


My pig comic of the moment. Enjoy!

Voting Registration for Blossom the Pig

Written by Lillian Tram on November 9th, 2011


Today at the voting polls, Georgians are voting on Sunday alcohol sales and sales tax.  I was reminded of an article I came across about a pig receiving an invitation to register to vote.  I thought it would be a fun story to post.


Pigs are clever animals but are they clever enough to vote?  Apparently, at least one council thinks a pig named Blossom can, and given our current economic woes, we could use all the help we can get.


Click here to read more about Blossom the pig.

Bacon Pig!

Written by Lillian Tram on November 7th, 2011


CNN brings up a valid question in this article: Does it always have to be turkey for Thanksgiving?  One chef had an idea to make an appetizer pig with bacon, pork, and sausages.  Peruse the pics and I think you’ll agree that the idea is just brilliant.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m getting a little angina just looking at the pig.  But a pig made out of bacon and sausages?  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  So spice up the holidays with some bacon pig! 


5 Reasons Why Pigs Are More Awesome Than You

Written by Lillian Tram on November 2nd, 2011

I’ve always known pigs were special. Here are 5 reasons why. You have to admit they are quite impressive, although I could totally run a 7-minute mile (yeah right). Click on the image below to find out how awesome pigs really are.


The Muppets Invade WWE on Halloween

Written by Lillian Tram on October 31st, 2011

I’ve watched a few wrestling matches but it’s never really sparked my attention until now. The Muppets are coming to Atlanta to put on an epic show. It’ll be a great way to celebrate Halloween. Check out the event at Phillips Arena or watch it on USA Network at 9pm eastern. I will be cheering on Ms. Piggy and if the video below is any indicator, she might have a few moves of her own for the arena.


For more exciting details click here.

Priscilla Pink Pig Ride @ Macy’s

Written by Lillian Tram on October 28th, 2011
















Every year since 2003, the Macy’s at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA has hosted the Priscilla pink pig train ride. This train ride tradition has been around for over 50 years in Atlanta, with most of the proceeds going to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This ride runs for a little over two months during winter. The line for the pink pig train ride is more popular than the line for Santa Claus during Christmas time. I went last year to Macy’s to check out what all the hype was about and to donate to a good cause. Every single time I tried to get on the ride, the line was ridiculously long so I’d wait a while and came back but the line never died down. It was getting close to Christmas time and I wanted to go before the ride closed up until next year. Tickets were only $3 which was super reasonably priced.  No wonder the ride beats out Santa Claus every year. Taking photos with Santa does not come cheap. The pink pig ride was enjoyable because it took you through a life-size story book. I also took photos with Priscilla the Pig who was more than willing to ham it up for the camera. All in all, I had a good time and will go again this year even though I was the only one over 12 years old that didn’t have a child riding this train. Visit the photo gallery for more pictures of this event.


For more information, check out these links:


A good article about the history of the pink pig.


Time and location

Monkey Riding a Pig

Written by Lillian Tram on October 26th, 2011


This picture and video made me smile and I wanted to share them with you.  The baby monkey and pig are so adorable!  Hopefully the video makes you smile too.  Careful though, if you watch the video too many times the lyrics will get stuck in your head…


Here’s a youtube clip of baby monkey riding on a pig song.


Vietnamese Pork Chops

Written by Lillian Tram on October 24th, 2011


You ever get one of those dishes that just makes your mouth water whenever you think about it?  Today, I’ve been craving Vietnamese pork chops.  Here’s a great recipe I found of grilled lemongrass pork chops, so you can start salivating over it too.  The tang of the fish sauce and lemongrass, a little bit of sugar, and juicy pork chops make a perfect combination.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Recipe Yields 2 Entree Portions

  • 1 lb (4 thin slices) center-cut loin pork chops, bone in
  • Vietnamese fish sauce to taste
  • Fine sea salt & freshly cracked black pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 2 stalks fresh lemongrass, minced
  • 1 shallot, minced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 Bird’s eye chili, seeded & minced
  • Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil



Marinate pork chops with ingredients for at least a couple hours. These chops are best grilled over hot charcoal, but a really hot oven broiler or pan will do in a squeeze. Serve them with hot jasmine rice, a fried egg, sliced tomato and sweet pepper. Garnish rice and chops with fried scallion and drizzle generously with dipping sauce right before eating.


Recipe found at http://www.pho411.ca/pork-chops/

My Constant Moral Struggle (Involving Pigs, Bacon and Pork)

Written by Lillian Tram on October 22nd, 2011


So I have a deep, dark secret to reveal…I love pork.


I was against eating pork for many years, not because of any religious belief, but because of guilt.  On the one hand, pigs are cute, cuddly, and smart.  On the other hand…have you smelled freshly cooked bacon in the morning?  Exactly.  You know what I’m talking about.  When I was growing up, that delicious aroma of bacon would fill the house many mornings, but I managed to avoid temptation by eating other foods like omelets, cereal, croissants, fruits, muffins, or cookies (I do have a sweet tooth…guilty pleasures).  It was quite the paradox.  I love pigs so much, but bacon smelled so delicious, and that made me feel wrong.  I can say proudly that I didn’t eat pork for twenty-something years (you didn’t think I was actually going to give away my age, did you?)


One random morning, I decided that I had to try a slice of bacon.  No harm done, right??  I was wrong…ever since, I have been eating crispy, scrumptious bacon constantly.  I love the flavor, the aroma, that wonderful crunch, and just that perfect amount of salt.  I dream, savor, and love bacon.  From there, I began to enjoy other pork dishes such as pork tenderloin, pork chops, barbeque, ham, and on and on.  Perhaps it is a paradox.  In the end, though, you could say that I love all things pig.

My First Post (I am a Pig Lover)

Written by Lillian Tram on October 20th, 2011


I’m really excited to start blogging about pigs. For those of you who know me, know that I’ve liked pigs for many many years. In fact, my very first stuffed animal I owned was Miss Piggy. I also happen to be born on the Year of the Pig and National Pig Day lands on my birthday. I love pigs of all shapes and forms.  Pigs can be quite amusing, smart, and tasty.  I hope one day, you guys will like pigs just as much as I do, if not more. I’ve manage to write the word pig in all my sentences. I promise all my post won’t be like this. Thanks for joining me on this journey and hope you guys come back for more.