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1-Year Anniversary Event

What We’re All About

We love pigs! We’re about everything pig-related for entertainment and awareness
We’re an organization to help uplift adults and children
We help children’s charities and women’s shelter
We explore restaurants in Atlanta to chow down on yummy pork

Oink, Snort, Squeal

MyPigMeUp is not your normal blog. It is fun, interesting, and entertaining, but Lillian truly believes in using it as a tool for spreading love and goodwill. Visit our Volunteer Page if you are interested in joining MyPigMeUp’s team. Together we can bring piggy-pink happiness to those who really need it! Explore MyPigMeUp today and get your oink on

About Us

Oink Oink! If you love pigs as much as Lillian Tram does, then you have found the perfect blog for discovering and enjoying all things pig! MyPigMeUp is her pet project where she posts articles, images, videos, recipes, basically anything and everything she finds about pigs. Being born in the year of the pig and on the National Pig Holiday, it is no accident that Lillian has a passion for piggies! Here she shares her piggy-pink world with you!


MyPigMeUp isn’t just a pig-centric blog. It is also an organization that helps the needy. Lillian also has a passion for helping women and children in need. Through fun pig-inspired events, she works to uplift her community. In the past, she has created and hosted events for children’s organizations, working with the kids to make pig arts and crafts projects, and she even brought a mobile petting zoo to a children’s hospital. MyPigMeUp recruits volunteers for events, for those who want to help bring cheer and joy to the lives of children with some piggy-licious fun! MyPigMeUp Storytime is an event where volunteers read stories to hospital-bound kids, giving them a smile and a real-life pig-me-up. Lillian believes firmly in giving back to the community and finds that her love of pigs is the perfect way to brighten these children’s days! She also holds fundraisers for a variety of foundations, where she sells delicious pork dishes with all the proceeds going to charity.

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