Mypigmeup | Pig jokes, puns, AND facts!
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Pig jokes, puns, AND facts!

Pig jokes, puns, AND facts!

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There’s only one thing better about pigs, and that is puns about pigs! Oink your way through these pig jokes and puns while you eat your morning slab of bacon or ham!


What do you call a laundry room made for pigs?

A hogwash!


Why did the three little pigs fall asleep when Grandpa told his story?

Grandpa was a boar.


What is a pig’s favorite position to play on the baseball field?

The shortslop.


What did the sow rub on her baby’s back to cure his cut from rolling in the mud?

A little bit of oinkment.


What do piglets have to do every day after they come home from school?

They have to finish their hamwork.


How did Farmer John figure out that a fox was stealing eggs from his chicken coop?

The pig was the one who squealed!

Why won’t anyone play football with a pig?

Because the pig always hogs the ball!


What’s the best party to invite a pig to join?

Any party with swine and cheese.


What animal delivers Easter eggs and rolls through the mud?

The Easter Piggy.


What is the best card game for a pig to play?


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What do you get when you mix

a cactus and a pig? A porkerpine.


Who was the pig’s favorite president?

AbraHAM Lincoln.


Finally, what is the right name for a pig who takes karate classes?

A pork chop!


A. Because they were a bunch of squealers.



Before you go, did you know these cool facts about pigs?

First, pigs snuggle with one another when the sleep, and they prefer to sleep nose to nose. They dream just like we do, and have dreams about their daily activities and what they do on a daily basis, just like us!


Pigs communicate all the time with each other! They have more than 20 different vocalizations that they use to communicate and call out to each other, from wooing their prospective friends and mates, to letting other pigs know it’s time to eat.


Newborn piglets can recognize these vocalizations when they come from their mother, and are able to recognize not only their mother’s calls, but their own names when given to them by human owners!


Pigs don’t actually eat like pigs! They’d much rather eat slowly than pig out, so to speak, and take their time eating their food instead of rushing through it.


Similarly, pigs don’t actually live like pigs. In fact, they are very clean animals and when they get enough space to live in a safe way, pigs keep their living space extremely clean and prefer to live in a calm, collected environment.


Bet you didn’t know all that about our little friends, now did you?

  • Gina Mohr
    Posted at 12:47h, 04 November Reply

    Lol these are awesome jokes, puns and facts. Just shared this link on FB. Anyway, I think that’s so amazing how they can actually recognize their own name or different vocalizations. I had no idea they were THAT smart and I had no idea that they could even dream.

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 11:01h, 05 November Reply

      Thanks for sharing this on your FB. Sounds about right…the more you learn about pigs, the more you’ll realize how amazing they are.

  • Jordyn Sheppit
    Posted at 19:59h, 18 November Reply

    LOL omg these jokes are corny but made me laugh so hard! Haha. Please post more?? 😛

    • Lillian Tram
      Posted at 23:03h, 18 November Reply

      I’m glad to hear the jokes were funny and entertaining. Will be posting more jokes in the future.

  • Nicole McGuffey
    Posted at 23:41h, 12 February Reply

    So cool

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