Mypigmeup | Sweet and Spicy Thai Basil Pork Stir Fry
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Sweet and Spicy Thai Basil Pork Stir Fry

Sweet and Spicy Thai Basil Pork Stir Fry


The other day, in the middle of a cold winter, I was wondering what would be comfort food from elsewhere in the world. Not your usual meat and potatoes from Europe, but something from, say, Asia. I specifically thought of something I usually like to make and treat myself that comes from Thailand. That was sweet and spicy Thai basil pork stir fry.


Stir frying meats and vegetables is a basic cooking technique from all over Asia, but the ingredients I use in this recipe are indigenous to Thailand. I love the way Thais use fish sauce, chili paste, curry, coconut milk, basil, cilantro, peanuts, and lime in so many of their dishes. The, what I call sweet heat, in their dishes tantalize the tongue and often clear your sinuses. And I love it.


Fortunately for me, I keep many of the ingredients for this dish in my refrigerator and pantry year-round. You may have to purchase some of these items, but I would suggest keeping some of them on hand for the future because they are very versatile. I’m specifically talking about fish sauce, Thai or Madras curry, sweet chili paste, coconut milk, and lime juice. While fresh lime juice is best, bottled lime juice is still serviceable for both cooking and use in beverages.


One note, since I’m single the portions in the recipe are for one to two people. If you need to make the recipe for more people (up to four people), just double the meat and vegetable portions. The flavoring ingredients should be enough for added more meat and vegetables.

½ pork tenderloin cut in thin strips
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
½ sweet onion diced
2 cloves garlic minced
½ of a red bell pepper sliced into thin strips
¼ cup shredded carrot
2 tablespoons fish sauce
2 tablespoon sweet chili paste
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon water
1½ cups whole fresh basil leaves
1 cup bean sprouts
1 teaspoon sugar
2 springs cilantro chopped as garnish (optional)
3 tablespoon chopped peanuts (optional)
Serve over jasmine rice or rice noodles



1. Slice the pork tenderloin into thin strips.

2. Dice the onion, mince the garlic, and slice the red bell pepper into thin strips.
3. Add the vegetable oil to a large non-stick skillet or wok.

4. Add the diced onion, garlic, and bell pepper to the skillet and cook until the onion, garlic, and bell pepper are tender. Do not burn the onion and garlic.

5. Add the sliced pork to the skillet and begin searing the meat.

6. Add the fish sauce, water, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, and lime juice to the skillet and stir for 3-4 minutes.

7. Add the carrots, bean sprouts to the skillet and stir for 2-3 minutes.

8. Add fresh basil leaves to the skillet and cook until they are wilted.
9. Before serving add the chopped cilantro and/or peanuts.

10. Serve with jasmine rice or rice noodles.

  • Jill D.
    Posted at 23:51h, 31 January Reply

    Oo this looks like something I’ll have to try sometime. Sounds pretty easy too.

    • Cookin' Bill
      Posted at 09:40h, 01 February Reply

      Thanks Jill. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

  • Tegan Turnbull
    Posted at 21:06h, 01 February Reply

    Now if only I could make mine look 1/2 this good as this, I’d be so happy :). I’m a terrible cook.

    • Cookin' Bill
      Posted at 16:05h, 08 February Reply

      Tegan,Thanks for your comment. Looking good is nice. Tasting good is more important. Just try the recipe you will like it.

  • Megan Rhimer
    Posted at 15:15h, 07 February Reply

    I tried this for dinner last night and I must say.. it was so easy to make and so delicious! Glad I came across this recipe!!

    • Cookin' Bill
      Posted at 16:07h, 08 February Reply

      Thanks again for your comments. This is a recipe I make to “treat myself”. I hope you feel the same way about it in the future.

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