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Porco Rosso – The Red Pig

Porco Rosso – The Red Pig


The Story of Porco Rosso 

Certainly everyone knows the saying “When Pigs Fly” which is meant to represent something that will never happen, just as pigs will never be able to fly. Well, this is wrong! The Red Pig flies in a Japanese animated film from 1992. Porco Rosso, known as The Red Pig, was originally a cartoon called Kurenai no Buta.

Porco Rosso presents the story of an Italian veteran World War I pilot who now lives his life as a freelance bounty hunter, chasing so-called air pirates over the Adriatic Sea. The initial name of the main character was Marco Pagot but it transformed into Porco Rosso after the character went through an unusual curse that changed him into an anthropomorphic pig.

The story presents Porco Rosso fighting against Austro-Hungarian fighter planes, taking place in the years between World War I and World War II. The entire environment and characters presented in the scenes of this story are inspired from the real world. In the opening sequence of this animated film, Porco can be seen reading a magazine, on which the date 1929 can be seen. The film is placed in the fascist period and Porco Rosso makes a statement in his position as an anti-fascist, which is rather amusing: ”I’d much rather be a pig than a fascist!”

The beginning of this film presents Porco Rosso responding to an alert regarding an attack of airborne pirates on a ferry liner. After Porco Rosso defeats the pirates, he retires to the Hotel Adriano which is run by Gina, Porco Rosso’s long-time friend. The hotel’s restaurant is frequented by pilots and the heads of pirate gangs are introduced to Curtis, who is an arrogant and ambitious American Ace. Curtis falls in love with Gina and he is frustrated to see that Gina has eyes for Porco Rosso.

When Porco Rosso flies to Milan for plane improvements, Curtis follows and shoots him down, claiming he has killed Porco Rosso. Of course, Porco Rosso survives and continues his mission. This is where all of Porco Rosso’s adventures begin. He meets his mechanic, Piccolo, and finds out that Piccolo’s sons have immigrated and engineering is now done by his granddaughter, Fio. When the plane is repaired, Fio asks Porco Rosso to take her with him on his flight home.

On the way home, Porco Rosso and Fio are ambushed by air pirates but Fio saves the situation. Then, Curtis comes on the scene to challenge Porco to a final duel. During that night’s events, Porco Rosso tells the story of an event which happened from World War I. The duel between Porco Rosso and Curtis is arranged for the next day when a large crowd will gather to observe their duel.

The duel begins with a dogfight, which is indecisive, then continues with a bare fist boxing match. Meanwhile, Gina appears and tries to stop their fight, telling them and the crowd that Italian air force has already been alerted and is on the way.

After Gina’s apparition, Porco Rosso wins the fight and asks Gina to take care of Fio. Before Porco Rosso takes off in his plane, Fio gives him a kiss. After all these events, Piccolo becomes an aircraft manufacturer and Fio becomes the company president. Curtis becomes a successful actor and the pirates continue to frequent the Hotel Adriano. In the end, it is suggested that Porco Rosso proposes to Gina.

So if you wish to see an interesting story which will convince you that pigs can fly, Porco Rosso is the perfect choice. The story contains all the adventure and excitement to hold the watcher’s interest and is presented with delightful humor, as animated films usually are. Another cool fact to remember is that Porco Rosso was Japan’s number one grossing film back in 1993.

Have you ever heard of Porco Rosso, the famous Red Pig? Please leave your comments here!

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