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More Funny Pig Jokes and Riddles

More Funny Pig Jokes and Riddles

Jokes Especially for Pig Enthusiasts


pig jokes and riddles
The size, stature and appearance of the lowly barnyard pig offers plenty of reasons to laugh but just in case you need another reason, here are some cute pig jokes to enjoy. Hopefully, these witty one liners and pig jokes will make you laugh. Share them with your friends and make someone’s day.


Pig Jokes: One Liners


What will you get if you cross a dinosaur and a pig?

Jurassic Pork


Why did the pig spread a blanket on the ground?

He wanted to have a pig-nic


What kind of pig knows martial arts?

A Pork Chop


What do you call a pig with a sunburn?



How did the pig get to the hospital?

In a Hambulance


What did one pig say to the other pig?

Let’s be pen pals


What is it called when you are stampeded by pigs?



Where do pigs park their cars?

The Porking Lot


Why does it take the pig hours to cross the road?

He is a slow-pork


What happened when the pig pen broke?

He had to use a pencil


Which magazine does the Big Bad Wolf like to read?

Pork’s Illustrated


What do you call a pig with three eyes?

A Piiig!


How do pigs share top secret messages?

Invisible Oink


 More Pig Jokes


The Insult

A lady goes into a bar with her goose. Then the bartender comes up to her and says, “Why did you have to bring the pig in with you?” 


Then the lady answered, “Excuse me, I think this is a goose.”

And the bartender says, ”Excuse me, I was talking to the goose.”

My Brother’s Pig


Two brothers are separated at birth, one going to live in the big city and the other on a farm in the coutry. Eventually, the two learn of each other and there’s a happy reunion on the country brother’s farm. Having never been to a farm before, the city brother asks for a tour. The farmer shows him the cows, the barn, horses, and the corn fields before coming to the pig sty, where he proudly introduces his prized possesion: a three-legged sow.


“That sow is finest animal to ever live,” proclaimed the farmer, “She saved my three children from the barn when it was burning down.”

“When I fell from the tree over yonder, she ran all the way to town and fetched the doctor,” he continued.

“And, when my wife went into labor in the middle of the night, she delivered my yongest son!”

Amazed, the city brother remarked, “that’s quite a pig. But, what happened to her that she only has three legs?”

“Well, hell,” said the farmer, “be a damn shame, eat a pig like that all at once.”

The Farmer


A traveling salesman is driving down a country road when he comes across a farmer who is standing in his orchard, hoisting pigs into the apple trees with ropes. He stops. “What are you doing?” the salesman asks.


“I’m feeding the pigs,” answers the farmer, incredulous that someone could ask a question with such an obvious answer. “Well,” says the salesman, “why don’t you let the apples fall to the ground, gather them up in baskets, and feed the pigs that way?”


The farmer ponders, then says, “Hmmmm. Yes, I guess I could do it that way. But what would be the point?” The salesman is a bit exasperated: “Well, it would save time, wouldn’t it?” The farmer ponders again.


“Yes,” he says after a pause, “I guess it would save time. But what’s time to a pig?”

Pig Riddles


Riddle: How are a pig and a horse like each other?

Answer: When a pig is hungry, he eats like a horse.
And when a horse is hungry he eats like a pig!!!


Riddle: Why can’t you play basketball with pigs?

Answer: Because they hog the ball!


Riddle: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret to a pig?

Answer: Because he is a squealer



Riddle: What do you get when you cross a pig with a centipede?
Answer: Bacon and legs!

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    what is a pigs favoret football teem? pigsberg sguelers

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    What are some good pig jokes for kids?…

    What kind of pigs know karate? Pork chops! What do you get when you cross a dinosaur with a pig? Jurassic Pork! What do you give a pig with a rash? Oink-ment! What does a working pig do? He brings home the bacon! Where do pigs park their cars? The pork…

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    what do you call a pig with three eyes??
    a piiig

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    The pig jokes were super cute haha. Even the ones in the comments were good. Okay try to see if you can guess the answer to this farm riddle: All Around

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