Mypigmeup | Pig Smarts… Why isn't This an Expression?
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Pig Smarts… Why isn't This an Expression?

Pig Smarts… Why isn't This an Expression?

If you’re like most of us, then you have probably heard the story of The Three Little Pigs and know how the third little pig continually outsmarted The Big Bad Wolf, even when his two brothers couldn’t. Perhaps this story even made you question just how smart a pig really is. Or not, maybe you simply blew it off as a children’s story without ever thinking twice. So, just how intelligent are pigs?


Do You Have Pig Smarts?


The truth is that pigs actually are quite intelligent. As far as intelligence goes, pigs are in the same category as dolphins, apes, dogs and 3-year-olds. We all know that they are smart enough to find a trash can if it is left out where they are roaming and, of course, they certainly know their way around a slop bucket. That just makes them hungry, not necessarily smart. Although a good deal of their intelligence seems to be centered on food and the obtaining thereof.
The people who study animal intelligence are now telling us that the extent of a pig’s intellect is actually much more extensive than just foraging for food or learning to do a trick. Did you know that they can quickly figure out how to use mirrors for scoping their surroundings in order to find their food?
While there is still some doubt as to whether or not they recognize that the reflection they see as themselves – they can in fact use a mirror. As though they would be spending the time in front of a mirror to inspect their hairy chinny chin chins anyway. Why would they do that when mirrors could be used to find a much better sight, such as food?
Pigs are also great at remembering where the food is stored at, as well as the size of different stores. They will follow another pig if the pig acts as though it knows where to find good food. In addition to this, the second pig will try to trick the one following it so that it won’t have to share the food. How does that sound for intelligence?

Pigs have found several ways to show just how smart they are. For instance, they are great at learning tricks. Someone with enough pigs and the time to train them could effectively run their own circus with only pig performers. This is why so many people compare them to dogs.
Unlike dogs, however, they are like an elephant when it comes to forgetting something. Lessons learned are practically impossible for a pig to forget.
So, maybe the next time you are debating what sort of pet you might like to have, you will consider a pig. Much like your average household dog, a pig is sure to entertain and learn any tricks you choose to teach him.
Just beware that you don’t teach him something that you will wish you hadn’t, because chances are that they will never forget it no matter how much you may want him to.

Oh, and now you have a new expression… instead of saying  someone is as smart as a whip, fox or tack, remember that pigs are smarter than all of these!


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