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Great Bacon Theme Party Ideas

Great Bacon Theme Party Ideas

Can you name a single person who doesn’t like bacon? Well, the answer is probably no. So, if you wish to show your appreciation for bacon and celebrate an important event in your life, it is now time to do something extraordinary and interesting: throw a Bacon Theme Party! This sounds a bit crazy, right? It’s actually quite popular!

How to Throw a Bacon Theme Party


bacon theme party

Your friends will surely appreciate the thought and effort put into your idea, and will consider you a truly inspired friend who undoubtedly has excellent taste! Read on and let’s see how to throw a bacon theme party that will make everyone happy!


Bacon for Everyone!

As you probably know, a bacon theme party is all about bacon, right? Obviously, everyone will expect to eat bacon so the menu is the first thing you will need to consider when throwing a bacon theme party. When it comes to bacon recipes to add to your menu, there are so many to choose from so you definitely won’t need to worry about having a boring party regarding the food you serve.

Good advice that you should follow is to ask your guests to bring their own dishes to the party. This way, the menu will be a truly diverse one and everyone will have the chance to impress friends with their cooking talents. Even with others bringing covered dishes, you can create a menu with appetizers, salads, entrees, soups and desserts. Of course, all of them need to contain glorious and delectable bacon!

And you know what? You can even organize a contest to choose the most delicious recipe and choose a prize to reward the person who cooked the winning recipe. And what should the prize be? Something involving bacon of course!


Don’t Forget Bacon Theme Party Cocktails

Bacon theme party cocktails

Any memorable adult party requires cocktails to be complete, doesn’t it? You can do a special search on the internet to you find some very interesting cocktail recipes made with bacon. (Yes, really!!!) You are sure to impress your guests with a fabulous tasting bacon cocktail.


Games for the Bacon Party

Your bacon-themed party doesn’t need to only include eating and drinking bacon-based foods and cocktails. You can give your party an entertainment note, choosing some fun games to play with your guests. Here are some ideas to use for your successful bacon-themed party:

Bacon Tasting – of course, everyone will appreciate tasting from all of the dishes available, as long as they all contain bacon in their composition. You can buy different types of bacon and arrange them on a tray, so that everyone can taste a sample of the displayed bacon types and vote for their favorites.

Bacon Sculptures – give everyone a pile of bacon and some toothpicks and ask them to create their own sculptures. They will use their imagination and you can choose a winner, if you all agree to turn this game into a contest.

Bacon Debate – you can play a game based on bacon-related questions. Use your creativity to play this game. You can ask questions like “who makes the best bacon?” or “Which is the best bacon recipe?”


Imagination is Everything for Your Bacon Theme Party!

bacon theme party invitations

Using your imagination and one of the most loved ingredient of all – bacon – you can throw a bacon theme party that will be remembered for a long time. Let your friends know about your idea and you’ll sure fill a list with guests for your party!


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