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Tour of #Bacon Inspired Top Blogs about Bacon

Tour of #Bacon Inspired Top Blogs about Bacon

The internet seems to have given everyone a voice, a platform to discuss their many likes, dislikes and even grievances. In the year 2015 …oops, I meant 2016, there are entire blogs dedicated to the love of – c’mon people, you know the answer to this one …BACON! If you know all about this love affair with bacon, these top bacon blogs are sure to be on your list of favorite websites and, if you are merely flirting with the magic wonders of bacon, these number one bacon blogs will show you the many ways to celebrate and enjoy life with this piggy inspired goodness.

Top Blogs about Bacon


Yes, there are many talented individuals who consider themselves “foodies” and have dedicated their lives to writing about yummy delicious (wimpy or crunchy) flavorful slices of bacon using dedicated blogs online. Somehow, this doesn’t seem a bit eccentric or unusual …wonder why?  Inserting my innocent smile here…


bacon inspired blogs top blogs about bacon pigs hot topics


If you get a warm sensation in your heart followed by a rumbly in your tummy when you hear the word ‘bacon’, you are not alone. In fact, more than two million consume bacon everyday and because of these lucky people, numerous blog posts, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets are born. For those who write and are dedicated to bacon inspired blogs, these individuals have found a way to not only enjoy every scrumptious bacon morsel but to celebrate this love and share this remarkable flavor with their followers.  In no particular order, here is an up-to-date list of the top blogs featuring a love of all things bacon.


#1 – Bacon Today

top blogs about bacon, bacon inspired Bacon Today online source
Bacon Today is considered to be one of the best bacon blogs online due to the fact this website is an excellent resource for all things bacon. Bacon Today attests that it was “founded on the simple principle that a world of bacony goodness exists out there for all to discover and enjoy.” If you love the delicious flavor of this no-longer-just-for breakfast food, consider bookmarking Bacon Today to help us keep a close eye on this top bacon blog. Birds of a feather eat bacon together… or something like that.

#2 – The Daily Bacon

top bacon blog, bacon inspired blogs, online resource the daily bacon
With a newsy title like ‘The Daily Bacon‘ and a tagline that boasts of ‘yummy yummy bacon and other stuff’, they certainly have captured our undivided attention! Still, this is not the first time The Daily Bacon has been named to a top ten bacon blog list, coming in at number six on a list compiled by All Womens Talk. This online blog is the bacon child of Michael Baird, who is admittedly obsessed with all things bacon. He is quoted as saying, “I LOVE BACON! I am not ashamed at all to tell you that I can easily eat a pound at one breakfast sitting. How did this love affair start? I honestly don’t recall…but I can tell you that once that sweet meat hits my tongue and that fat starts to melt in my mouth…well I’m in culinary heaven!” Michael, we know how you feel and we love your top bacon blog!

#3 – Royal Bacon Society

top blogs about bacon best bacon inspired blogs online resource news about pork
Coming in at number seven on another list of top bacon blogs, the Royal Bacon Society snags readers and bacon enthusiasts from the first page view, thanks to a delicious looking header featuring… you guessed it, bacon! Not only will you find oodles and oodles of excellent bacon recipes but you will also find all sorts of humorous and entertaining titles with this porky goodness as the star of the show. Whether you love looking at pictures or want to buy a truckload of cool bacon inspired goods, this top bacon blog is a cool place to start! Love the pet pics in bacon costumes found here!

#4 – Mr Bacon Pants

bacon blog, top blogs about bacon, pork
Seriously, that name though! We have written numerous times about pig related topics that led to the mentioning of this top bacon blog. Mr. Bacon Pants hopes to provide keen insight on bacon, beer, and everything else while celebrating a hip new love of bacon. Hmm…bacon and beer together? No wonder this is considered to be a top bacon blog! Sadly, this bacon inspired blog doesn’t seem to be posting new topics very often but the available content is excellent and well worth navigating to their page. However, you can still reach out to the writers on their podcast, Bacon Live.

#5 – Republic of Bacon

top blogs about bacon, bacon inspired blogs, online news pork
Doesn’t that name sound so amazing? Makes me wish I’d thought of it! Republic of Bacon says it best here: “Bacon is the vegetable for the Gods, and here at the Republic of Bacon we recognize that the love for bacon runs deep in all of us. We aim to be the source of all that is bacon, bringing you the latest bacon recipes, video, pictures and humour.” Well, you don’t make it to the top ten blogs about bacon without taking your goals seriously so congrats, Republic of Bacon for your many submissions and  contributions to the love of all things bacon! This bacon blog is an excellent place to seek out bacon recipes and enjoy some pig inspired humor.

#6 – Skulls and Bacon

top blogs about bacon, bacon inspired blogs
Sounds a little dark and dangerous, right? Well, perhaps not as dangerous as eating a couple pounds of bacon all by yourself (No, I have never done that… okay, maybe once and it was by accident. Don’t judge.) Skulls and Bacon is a top bacon blog that breaks away from the normal, combining the love of two non-related items …or are they? You will enjoy the cool and unusual bacon and skull inspired products posted from all over the internet. Some of these items will make you wish you had a fat bank account while others will leave you scratching your head and saying, ‘what the..’ Either way, you are truly going to love reading the articles on Skulls and Bacon.

#7 – The Bacon Show

If you love bacon and enjoy cooking, The Bacon Show should be forever bookmarked on your computer or smartphone, and you’re gonna want to sign up for updates. Why? The Bacon Show is a top bacon blog because these writers promise to deliver “one bacon recipe per day… FOREVER. Now, that is a commitment to bacon that everyone should be able to appreciate! Even if you don’t particularly love bacon the way we do, The Bacon Show is an excellent source for foodies everywhere. Check out this blog the next time you need a mouth-watering recipe containing uber delicious and oh so salty and satisfying bacon!

#8 – Bacon Unwrapped

top blogs about bacon, bacon inspired blogs
Visit the top bacon blog called Bacon Unwrapped to enjoy some pig inspired humor and hilarious puns, along with great bacon recipes and events. This blog was started by Heather Lauer in June of 2005, the author of Bacon: A Love Story –  A Salty Survey of Everybody’s Favorite Meat. While parts of being a bacon blogger and best selling bacon writer seems odd at times, Lauer admits, “my adventures with bacon have been the source of much amusement, some incredible meals, and – best of all – many new friendships.” Check out this top bacon blog the next time you’re surfing the net.

#9 – Theories of Bacon

If you want a steady source of interesting blog posts about bacon, here is another site that’s worthy of your attention. Theories of Bacon is a great source for bacon infused recipes and other cool topics and best of all, NO ads. Just lots of little piggy inspired tidbits to entertain your mind and please the palate.

#10 – Lords of Bacon

Bacon inspired blog, top blogs about bacon
Lords of Bacon gives a new spin to the topic of bacon when compared to other top bacon blogs by offering reviews of bacon and bacon inspired products for those of us who would love nothing else than to be surrounded by this delightful pork product. This blog hasn’t updated in some time, but there is still plenty of information to be enjoyed and we have high hopes that these writers will be back to work soon.

Celebrate Top Blogs about Bacon with My Pig Me Up


bacon blog, top blogs about bacon

This super-de-duper list of top bacon blogs wouldn’t be complete without one more added to the list… and I am sure that you can guess which one I am talking about! Started by Lillian Tram as a resource to build awareness and recruit volunteers, My Pig Me Up was designed to bring sunshine and rainbows into the lives of others …not literally, of course. It is our hopes that the My Pig Me Up blog will be used as a tool for spreading love and goodwill. If you would like to volunteer or join our team, check out our Volunteer Page. As Lillian says, “Together, we can bring piggy-pink happiness to those who really need it! Explore MyPigMeUp today and get your oink on!”

bacon blog, top blogs about bacon


 Do you have a top bacon blog to share with us?


Please send a message or leave a link for review in our comments section.


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