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Swine by Design: Popular Pig Breeds Available Today

Swine by Design: Popular Pig Breeds Available Today

Today, there are over one hundred breeds of the domesticated pig. The Oxford Sandy and Black, the Berkshire, and the American Yorkshire, are all popular pig breeds, just to name a few. Which type of pigs are your favorite? Do you know how to tell your swine apart?


 Have a Swine Time Telling Pigs Apart

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Now that keeping swine as pets has become a popular past time, the desire to have a small breed for the sole purpose of keeping it inside of the house has sparked more interest into designing (breeding) a pig breed to possess these desirable characteristics.


While some people would prefer a short, mid-sized pink pig, others would rather keep an even shorter, tiny black pig. Oh and then there’s the pot-bellied pigs… well, they seem to be a favorite pig breed for indoor pets.


Not only are these pig breeds different by color and shape, but they also differ by disposition. Some are sweet and loving while others may be quite a bit more pushy and demanding.


Not All Designer Pigs are Pets 

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Some small swine are just collections, not to be a pet but also not to be dinner some day either! If you could design a type of pig, what would it look like? A cute soft haired potbelly? Would it be pink or spotted? Long or short snout? What about the ears?


There sure are a lot to features to think about when you want your pig to be a certain color, shape and temperament. Choosing a pig should be determined not only by your desires but also your environment.


For example, a small house would be better suited for a small pig.


Types of Pigs: Favorite Swine Features


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As you can see, not only are the colors or markings different on swine, the size and shapes are too!  A long time ago, some pig breeders or swine enthusiasts could tell instantly the breed just by the pig’s colors or shape.


However, now that the breeding and cross breeding techniques have become so abundant, it gets harder to tell one from another – especially with similar swine breeds. There is a huge market for pigs and thanks to the internet, the swine market is growing faster every day.


The great benefit of buying and selling pure bred pigs on the internet is you can quickly search for the perfect swine for your needs or wants, and can have many to choose from without traveling from farm to farm with a stock trailer.


The National Swine Registry

There is a National Swine Registry and a National Junior Swine Registry that host several swine related shows and events each year. The National Junior Swine Association is the largest organization for livestock among the youth. They have regional and national shows, scholarship programs, conferences, and swine exhibition opportunities.


The main goals of these organizations are to promote the education and values of keeping pure genetic swine breeds. Since the year 2000, the Junior Swine Registry has over twelve thousand members.

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    Posted at 14:33h, 16 June Reply

    This is my first time raising a pig , I would love to know the breed and everything about the breed I’m raising.

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