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Bacon Flavored Diet Coke

Bacon Flavored Diet Coke


Something deliciously interesting came to my attention today while I was having my typical morning breakfast, and I realized that something has been missing from my life these last few years. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, so I continued on with the rest of my day in a lull while pondering about what it could be. Was it those little piglet slippers I saw at the mall last night that I didn’t buy? Was it the strange man on the bus who looked like he had a tail sticking out from under his suit?


Then it hit me! Bacon flavored diet coke. That’s right, bacon flavored diet coke. Let me say it one more time for those of you who are staring at your screens dumbfounded, not realizing what you just heard me say: bacon flavored diet Coke! I don’t know if the on-going battled between Pepsi and Coke has hit a desperate turn, or if a rouge scientist at the Coke factory had a revolutionary idea that he thought would transform the world, but I HAVE to find some of this bacon flavored diet Coke!


Are the rumors true? Is Coke really so brave as to release a bacon flavor that could potentially put them in a position to rule the world of flavored soda beverages? Let’s see what the spokesman for Coke had to say today in an exclusive interview with our staff.


Me: “Are the rumors really true, will you be releasing a Coke brand with a bacon flavor this summer?”


Reply: “Oink, oinkye, oink oinkyes”


I don’t know if you caught it in there, but I definitely heard the word yes somewhere in there. However…upon further extensive examination, our research department has concluded that the so-called spokesperson from Coke was in fact a prank call by the 12-year old and Coke doesn’t plan on releasing a bacon flavored diet Coke anytime in the near future. My apologies to anyone who has had their hearts broken by this article and the Photoshop expert who has been deceitful to all of us. It looks like we will have to wait patiently for the release of the diet Pepsi Nacho Cheese flavored soda in May of 2017.



You can wipe the tears now! With a little searching, I have discovered that indeed there are some “bacon flavored” sodas on the market for those of you who just cannot get enough of that delicious mouth watering bacon. The soda was created to not only taste like bacon, but to actually taste good enough to drink! It is an interesting mixture of sugar and bacon. Therefore, the next time you decide to barbeque or roast something, do not forget to pick up some “Bacon Soda” and really get those taste buds moving. This has got me wondering, what kind of bacon-flavored products have you tried or would like to see available to satisfy your bacon cravings?

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