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Bacon Macarons Are The Bomb-Diggity

Bacon Macarons Are The Bomb-Diggity


Ok, I’ve got a new obsession.


Remember how, in the last few years, all sorts of restaurants and chefs and food chains started putting bacon in, well, everything? And we all enjoyed bacon in our sundaes, and bacon on every sandwich, and bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Pretty darn cool, right?


Well this is going to top it!


Check out these awesome candied bacon macarons that I recently found!


They say that America is a melting pot of all cultures and peoples, and, uh, I guess our food is a melting pot of all sorts of unique combinations, too, because this is a new one for me!


Just when you thought bacon couldn’t be put in any more combinations with other foods, life finds a way! And just when you thought macarons couldn’t get any tastier (because, let’s be honest, they were good to begin with), life finds a way!


I just can’t wait to see what they put bacon on next. Maybe there should be a contest. Hmm…



If you’re curious, the macaron started in France about two hundred years ago, when Catherine de Medici’s Italian pastry chef’s started playing around in the kitchen after she married France’s King Henry II.


The macaron we all know and love today evolved in the early 1900s in Paris as a patisserie called Laduree, where a famous French chef named Pierre Desfontaines created the idea of two discs filled with butter cream (and now, bacon!).


Not surprisingly, because it’s delicious, the macaron quickly made its way to America and I’d say we are all a little better for it.



Around the world, macarons are also really popular in Switzerland, Korea, and Japan, as these countries adopted them and incorporated some of their own unique food and cultural ideas.


So, anyways, back to bacon: what’s the coolest food that you have seen involving a new twist that includes bacon? I’m always on the look out for more bacon-wrapped whatever, and you know I’m interested to hear what you’ve found in your neck of the woods.

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