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Pigs Can Be Romantic too! While it is still weeks away, Valentine’s Day quickly approaches. Sure, candy and flowers are a safe bet but why not give her something that really stands out? Be brave. Take a chance. You should begin planning your Valentine’s Day strategy...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="363"] Samuel and his beautiful wife![/caption]   Good news, everybody! We’ve got another guest blogger coming aboard, and actually, this one is a bit of a treat. That’s because he’s not really a guest blogger at all, but more of a GUEST COMIC ARTIST!   Oh yeah. That’s right. We totally went there.   His 3-panel black comic strip will be appearing (get this!) WEEKLY on the blog, and it is going to kick some serious booty!   His name is Samuel Reyes, and he’s a freelance artist who has been doing comic art like this for a while. He pretty much loves all things pork and pig-related, so you know that he is perfect for what we are trying to do here, and he has a deep, deep love of stir fry, bacon, and pork ramen. Ah… bacon….  

  Miru Kim, a creative artist, is doing an art exhibit at Art Basel Miami called 'I Like Pigs and Pigs Like Me' as part of her series, 'The Pig That Therefore I Am.'  Even though she's a germaphobe, she undergoes this art performance where she spends...