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Get Latest Greetings Scraps   In the South, we have a scrumptious New Year’s tradition for your enjoyment and consideration to which we owe the pig some big thanks. Perhaps you have never heard of hog jowl but it is something we eat every New Year’s Day....

  Brunswick stew has been a staple of the Southern diet for well over a century. Most Brunswick stew recipes include various kinds of meat and include vegetables such as tomatoes, corn, lima/butter beans, okra, and potatoes. The stew is thick and hearty. As the old saying goes,” If it’s not stew, it’s soup.”   The claims of who invented the stew are from all over the South and another come from as far away as Germany. Folks from Brunswick County, Virginia claim that the chef of a state legislator invented the stew as far back as 1828. In Brunswick, Georgia there is a stockpot in front of the Brunswick/St. Simons Visitors center that states it was used to make the first Brunswick stew on July 2, 1898. The Virginia version uses chicken and rabbit (or whatever game they could shoot) as its meat source. It is tomato based, but it is thin and watery and has a less smoky flavor to it. The Georgia version also is tomato-based and uses pork as its primary meat source. It is also thicker than the Virginia stew and has a smokier flavor.  

  The Peppermint Pig has its roots in Victorian holiday tradition, for which pigs were symbolic of good health, happiness, and prosperity.  Peppermint Pigs were made as a tasty treat to bring good luck for the new year. The tradition is to smash the pig, pass around the plate, eat a piece for good luck and share a story about...