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Get Latest Greetings Scraps   In the South, we have a scrumptious New Year’s tradition for your enjoyment and consideration to which we owe the pig some big thanks. Perhaps you have never heard of hog jowl but it is something we eat every New Year’s Day....

In this blog, there is a recipe for a basic Southern-style barbeque sauce.

  The history of barbeque sauce can be traced back as far as 239 BCE in China. Master Chef I Yin wrote that a sauce for meats should be harmoniously balanced between sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent. Every country in Asia used that harmonious balance for sauces for meats with ingredients indigenous to their region. Many modern Asian sauces use ketchup and corn syrup as part of their base.   Smoking meat was used by chefs in Europe to preserve meat and add flavor. Chefs in the Middle Ages use butter and vinegar to baste roasting or smoked meats. They often add herbs and spices to the butter.   The history of barbecue sauce in America has no specifically defined time line. It is said that Christopher Columbus brought a sauce back to Europe from Hispaniola (The Dominican Republic and Haiti) in the 15th century. Barbecoa was the term use for smoked meat by the Arawak natives in the Caribbean. They used the spices peppers, and other herbs to flavor their smoked meats.  
  My name is Cookin' Bill and this is my first blog about something I really love to do. That is cooking, of course. One of my favorite foods is pork. So, today, I'm going show you an easy way to make pulled pork.   I'm sure you have had pulled pork sandwiches and have an image of rednecks standing around a smoker on their decks all day and night with a beer can permanently attached to their hand, waiting for this Southern delicacy to come out ready to eat.( Now there is nothing wrong with that method of cooking pork, especially if you need an excuse to drink beer all day.)   However, I think I have a better method for making pulled pork. I first use a crockpot to cook the pork, before I pull it and smoke it. The great thing about a crockpot is they're relatively inexpensive (you can purchase one for as little as $20.00) and they're very versatile.