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  No, this title is not a misprint, folks. Johnston Memorial Hospital found an interesting way last year to make their fundraisers a bit more fun, and they did it with a man dressed up as a pig mascot… who then got arrested. While the arrest was kind of a joke, the fundraiser was not, as they hospital raised more than $33,000 with the mascot’s help to benefit their Mountain States Foundation and improve care for people in and around the hospital.   Plus, overall, the campaign raised a whopping $209,000 – not only their most successful campaign to date, but something that proves that pigs can really bring in the bacon and fry it in the pan! Ok, bad pun. Sorry.  

  Dr. Tsai Ying-wen was Taiwan's first female presidential candidate. She used pigs as a mascot for her campaign, encouraging her supporters to be "little pigs" to fight against the "big bad wolf," referring to the incumbent government. She handed out little piggy banks to her...